Alert Dogs Detect Critically Low Blood Sugar Levels in Children
Source: Diabetes Friendly Foundation Press Releas

Dogs, long used by law enforcement and the military to sniff out drugs and bombs, are now being trained to detect high and low blood sugar levels in their handlers.

Created by the Dallas-based Diabetes Friendly Foundation, the "K-9 for Kids" program provides assistance in locating Diabetic Alert Dogs (DADs) while also providing funding for the training and placement of the animals for families in need.

"Every 24 hours, 4,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with diabetes according to the Center for Disease Control," said Cole Egger, Founder of the Diabetes Friendly Foundation. "Parents of children with diabetes constantly have to check their child`s blood sugar throughout the day and night in order to prevent severe consequences caused by fluctuating blood sugar levels. With a diabetes alert dog, some of the strain and fear of these dangerous side effects of diabetes is lifted."

Following are two testimonials about the Diabetic Alert Dogs:

"We were very lucky to have Mallie (a Diabetic Alert Dog)," said Crystall Young, mother of 19-month- old Ean, who has type 1 diabetes. "She truly is an amazing alert dog. She alerted me at times when I wouldn`t have thought I needed to check on Ean. There were times when Ean was outside playing and she would alert from inside."

"Without JD, my diabetes alert dog, I was afraid to do a lot of things but JD has given me the confidence to live my life now and to not be afraid anymore," said Deanna Whitehead, a teenager with type 1 diabetes. "I trust him to take care of me and it`s an awesome feeling. I love JD."

About the Diabetes Friendly Foundation
The Diabetes Friendly Foundation™ (DFF) was founded to create product awareness in the food industry and to empower consumers who are looking for healthy alternatives. Based in Dallas, the DFF allows consumers to easily access information needed to make healthy choices, as well as provide those with diabetes an easy tool to help manage their blood glucose levels.

To date, those with diabetes have been forced to analyze all nutrition labels carefully in order to best manage their diabetes. Now, when the Diabetes Friendly Foundation logo appears on products, consumers can feel confident they are purchasing a product that adheres to a specific set of standards. Standards vary by product line but take into consideration calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, fiber, and sodium.

The DFF standards were also developed to take into consideration other chronic diseases that those with diabetes may suffer from such as heart disease and high blood pressure. By choosing foods with the DFF logo, consumers will benefit by knowing they are choosing foods healthy for their diabetes and healthy for their heart.

For more information, visit the Diabetes Friendly Foundation website at:


(Editor`s Note: To build awareness of the DADs and the "K-9 for Kids" program, the Diabetes Friendly Foundation is hosting "K-9 for Kids Fundraiser" on November 13, 2010 at the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG) in downtown Dallas.)


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Originally posted by on August 30, 2010.