Brain Hormones May Explain T-2 Diabetes Without Obesity And Female Fertility
By Mike Boyle

Many people, including doctors, believe that type 2 diabetes is developed only after obesity. However, a new study performed on mice suggests the hormones leptin and insulin working together in specific cells in the brain affects the regulation of blood sugar and therefore may explain how type 2 diabetes can arise without obesity and surprisingly, may also explain female fertility.

Says senior author of the study, Dr Joel Elmquist, professor of internal medicine and pharmacology at UT Southwestern, "We can make the animals very diabetic without obesity, suggesting that there may be a circuit or path of resistance to these signals in the brain that helps explain the powerful anti-diabetic actions of leptin."

Regarding female fertility, the researchers found that female mice with the most brain cells that couldn`t process the hormones had trouble breeding and produced smaller litters.
has more comments from Elmquist, and a brief summary of the study can be found here.


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Originally posted April 14, 2010.