Can Bariatric Surgery `Cure` Diabetes?
By Mike Boyle

"Evidence is accumulating that bariatric surgery - an extreme measure for the very obese that involves reducing the size of the stomach to promote weight loss - may `cure` diabetes."

Those are the words of Parade`s Dr. Ranit Mishori, who has penned an article on the subject. He adds that he uses the word "cure" with caution, "because diabetes is complex, and the approach requires more research. But the results are promising enough that a recent International Diabetes Surgery Task Force summit in Italy issued a first-of-its-kind consensus statement pronouncing bariatric surgery to be a `legitimate approach` for diabetes treatment."

In his article, Mishori adds, "Remember, diabetes can be managed medically, while bariatric surgery is an irreversible procedure that, as with any surgery, comes with its share of risks and complications. However, he adds that according to an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Jonathan Purnell, an endocrinologist at Oregon Health & Science University, says, "The risk of death from bariatric surgery is lower than from diabetes managed by traditional therapies."

Read Dr. Mishori`s entire Parade article here.


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Originally posted April 30, 2010.