What Is Diabetic Dermopathy?
Diabetic dermopathy, a harmless condition, is likely the most common skin problem in people who have had diabetes for a while, or whose blood sugar levels have remained high.
What Causes Diabetic Dermopathy?
One factor that influences the onset of diabetic dermopathy stems from the length of time you have had diabetes. Elevated blood sugar levels, and, in some cases, trauma or injury might set off the condition.
What Are the Symptoms of Diabetic Dermopathy?
 The first signs of diabetic dermopathy appear as a small, brownish-red, scaly area of skin with a round or oval shape and flat top level with the rest of the skin. Later, the area becomes depressed, causing the dermopathic patch to appear as a small dent. Most commonly, it appears on the shins, although it can also appear on the forearms, sides of the feet, and thighs.
How Can You Treat Diabetic Dermopathy?
Diabetic dermopathy heals itself eventually, although the redness might remain.
How Can You Prevent Diabetic Dermopathy?
Because some researchers see a link between prolonged elevated blood sugars and diabetic dermopathy, you can help protect yourself by keeping your blood sugar levels within the range your doctor recommends.

Reviewed by Clara Schneider MS, RD, RN, CDE, LDN - 05/13