Dr. Oz`s Tips For Combating Diabetes
By Mike Boyle

In a recent interview with CBS News, Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the daily nationally syndicated television show "The Dr. Oz Show," suggested these practical ways to combat diabetes:

• Include fiber with breakfast: "Everyone knows breakfast is good for you to lose weight. But you need to have fiber in the breakfast. Doughnuts don`t count. So a high-fiber cereal, a piece of fruit, that gets you there."

• Never eat on an empty stomach: "Hormonally, when you eat when you`re really hungry and famished, you`ll overeat, you`ll overshoot. So you always want to have something, about a half an hour before a meal, a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit, something light just to take away the edge, so when you eat, you don`t overdo it."

• Avoid white food: "White sugar, white flour, white pasta. In the body, these are all seen as simple carbohydrates, which are generally deposited as belly fat, as well as fat in other parts of the body."

• Build muscle: "Especially for women, when you go through menopause, you`re ovaries don`t stop making just estrogen, they stop making testosterone. Without testosterone, you stop making muscle; you get a little pooch in your belly. Make sure you have enough muscle, it burns several times more calories than fat will."

Oz stressed that if people make these changes in their lives, they can really turn the disease around.

Watch and/or read more of Dr. Oz`s interview with CBS News here.


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 (Photo Credit: "The Dr. Oz Show")


Originally posted April 29, 2010.