Contradicting the recent report from the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) citing that rising obesity rates in the U.S. will be responsible for a tripling of type 2 diabetes by 2050, Dr. Stefan Ripich (pictured), author of "The 30-Day Diabetes Cure," argues that increased consumption of foods high on the Glycemic Index – not obesity – is the real culprit.

The Glycemic Index (GI) ranks foods according to the speed which they metabolize into blood sugar. Refined carbohydrates such as sugar, sweetened foods and beverages, plus baked goods made with white flour have the highest GI scores, meaning they break down into glucose most rapidly and spike blood sugar levels quickly.

“We’re a nation of carboholics, and that’s what’s really behind the scary rise in diabetes rates,” the Santa Fe naturopath and certified nurse practitioner says. “These high GI foods elevate blood sugar levels and trigger insulin, the hormone that converts glucose to fat and stores it. ‘Losing weight’ isn’t the ‘solution’ health officials should be pushing. Limiting consumption of these problem carbs is a faster, easier, and more direct remedy.”

Dr. Ripich continues: “The real – and easily attainable -- solution is eliminating fast-action carbs such as sweetened food and beverages, plus refined carbohydrates -- while eating more slow-acting carbohydrates, such as greens, vegetables and whole grains, and other fiber-rich foods.”

“When my patients do this, their type 2 diabetes is naturally reversed – often rather quickly,” he explains. “The pounds come off as a by-product of eating correctly because insulin levels are properly maintained, and blood sugar levels are normalized. This is the message the CDC, the American Diabetes Association, and other health organizations should be popularizing.”

Source: Dr. Stefan Ripich Press Release


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Originally posted by on November 11, 2010.