Gum Disease Treatment May Help Diabetes
By Mike Boyle

Reporting the results of a new study, scientists at Scotland`s Edinburgh University have found that reducing gum inflammation in people with diabetes can lower their blood sugar levels and help minimize complications with the disease.

It is thought when bacteria infect the mouth causing inflammation the chemical changes reduce effectiveness of insulin and raise the levels of blood sugar.

Treatment to reduce inflammation may therefore help reduce blood sugar.

The findings, which highlight the need for doctors and dentists to work together in the treatment of people with diabetes, are published as part of the international Cochrane Collaboration.

Dr. Terry Simpson, honorary research fellow at Edinburgh University`s dental institute, who led the study, told the BBC: "This research confirms that there may be a link between serious gum disease and diabetes."

He added, "It highlights the role dentists can play in managing the condition, given that gum disease is very treatable."

Read more on the study from the BBC here.

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Originally posted May 13, 2010.