In 1923, the New York Times proclaimed, with the discovery of insulin, that diabetes had been cured. While insulin is indeed a medical miracle that has saved countless lives, it did not turn out to be a true cure, as diabetes remains a chronic disease that can last a lifetime. The September issue of Diabetes Forecast, the consumer magazine of the American Diabetes Association, seeks an answer to the question, what will it really take to end diabetes?

"Pushing for a Cure" examines where things currently stand in the quest for a cure and looks at how researchers are working on a variety of innovative cure approaches from vaccines to beta cells to surgery. To help make this a reality in the not-too-distant future, researchers must understand diabetes and the differences in origin of type 1 and type 2. "To cure type 1, we`ll have to deal with the immune system," Pedro Herrera, PhD, professor at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, tells Diabetes Forecast. "The human body has evolved to fight a great diversity of enemies." For type 2, researchers are not only working towards a cure, but huge promise has also been shown in finding ways to put diabetes into remission through weight-loss surgery.

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Source: American Diabetes Association Press Release