Lunchtime Coffee Linked To Reduction In Diabetes Risk
By Mike Boyle

A recent research project, reported by Top News, that analyzed 69,532 French women, who were participating in a large European nutrition study, has linked consumption of coffee to reduction in obesity risk. Consumption of coffee reduces the risk of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes which bears an intimate association with obesity.

There is one caveat though, the mechanism to make the relationship evident hasn`t been established and no studies have looked into whether the timing of coffee drinking poses an influence on this effect.

The women that participated in the research ranged in age from 41 to 72 years old when they were enrolled in the study, and were followed for 11 years, on average.

Over the observation period, 1,415 of the women developed type 2 diabetes. Overall, those who drank at least three cups of coffee daily were 27 percent less prone to developing diabetes.

As for the lunchtime connection, Top News says it is reported that on observing the timing of coffee intake, the researchers discovered that only lunchtime coffee drinking decreased type 2 diabetes risk; women who drank more than a cup with lunch every day were 33 percent less likely to develop diabetes.

Lunchtime coffee benefits could have some link with timing, or they might be associated to the types of food that people eat at lunch, the researchers suggested.