New Drug Could Potentially Stop T1 Diabetes In Six Days
By Mike Boyle

In what could be called a major breakthrough, researchers have developed a new drug - Otelixizumab - which they claim could halt type 1 diabetes in its tracks in just six days.

The researchers, whose findings were reported in Diabetologia - Journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, say Otelixizumab is able to turn off the body`s immune system self-destruct button, which causes type 1 diabetes, which in turn stops damage to the pancreas, allowing it to continue to produce insulin.

Currently undergoing clinical trials, the drug seems to work best when given as soon as possible after someone has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The drug would be given as a shot to newly diagnosed patients.

The clinical study was conducted by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Center for Beta Cells Therapy in Diabetes in Brussels, reports EmpowHER.

Read more about the on-going clinical trials here, and learn about what Otelixizumab is here.


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Originally posted May 17, 2010