Report: Currently 235 Diabetes Drugs In Development In U.S.
By Mike Boyle

According to a new national report unveiled recently in Charleston, West Virginia, which has the highest rate of diabetes in the country, a record 235 new medicines to treat diabetes are being developed by the USA`s pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

"We released this report in West Virginia because of the state`s alarming rates of diabetes, which unfortunately reflect a trend prevalent throughout the nation, said Ken Johnson, senior vice president of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America."Perhaps the most shocking and disturbing trend is the rise of diabetes among children, which the American Diabetes Association calls `a new epidemic.`"

"That nation must step up efforts to stop this alarming trend, and at the same time continue its strong commitment to the cutting-edge research that allows diabetes patients to manage their disease and live productive lives," Johnson added.

Among the new drugs currently in development the report highlights are a once-weekly medicine that is an analog of a natural human hormone that plays a significant role in blood sugar regulation; a drug that addresses the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes by modulating genes responsible for insulin sensitization; and a once-daily medicine that selectively inhibits a protein associated with glucose metabolism, but not other related proteins associated with other biologic activity.

Read more of Johnson`s comments on the report here, and take a look at the full report, which includes the developmental status of all the drugs mentioned, here.

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Originally posted May 28, 2010.