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Getting off insulin

  • abbyozzi ORIGINAL POSTER
    Hi, I have always taken metformin 850mg bid and 10mg glipizide-er bid also. My morning sugars were 259. My doctor put me on nph 3 months ago, 12 units bid. My sugars were great with the afternoon test being a little low. My recent visit (two weeks ago) he said that I should decrease my insulin and I should be able to go off of it. I stopped the insulin 5 days ago and my sugars are great.Why is that? I really haven't changed my diet and I am unable to exercise do to other health issues.
  • Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, Pharm.D, CDE PROFESSIONAL
    There are several reasons why the blood sugar fluctuates. In my experience and in different studies it was reported that using insulin for a short period of time has improved blood sugar without changing the oral medications regimen(in your case metfromin 850mg bid and glipizide ER twice daily). The explanation that was given was that that introducing insulin improved insulin sensitivity and reduced the stress on the Beta cells that produce insulin in the pancreas. However, I would recommned that you continue to monitor fingersticks and discuss them further with your provider. In many cases this benefit lasts for a short time if diet is not improved