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DM TYPE 2 : Sibaprasad Dutta

    I am aged 63, male. I have been suffering from DM TYPE 2 for ten years. I tried Metformin, Glipizide, Gliclazide,of course under medical care. Now I consult another doctor who has been guiding me since December 2013. He has given me the following prescriptions; Glimulin (Glimperide) 2 MF Forte (Metformin 1000mg Sr) before breakfast and dinner. Acarbose 50 mg before lunch and dinner. Januvia (Sitagliptin) 100 mg before dinner. At present my BS level is more or less within normal limit. MY HbA1C was 7. I have not tested it for about five months. I take as little carbohydrates as possible, and avoid sweets. Am I under right treatment and diet regimen? Email ID:
  • Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, Pharm.D, CDE PROFESSIONAL
    From the description of your medications and your hemoglobin A1c, it appears that the treatment is successful in reducing glucose levels. However, given that you are taking a medications that may lower your blood sugar levels, I may be concerned with potential low blood glucose levels, especially when you are not eating many carbohydrates as you reported. To answer your questions regarding the diet and medication regimen being the right ones for you, I will need to learn more about your fasting and postprandial glucose levels. Once I am provided with couple of days worth of data, I will be able to determine if you are at risk for low blood sugar levels. I will also be important to provide this data to your provider so the provider will ensure that your risk of low blood sugar levels is low.