meter-RX-assistancePeople with diabetes and providers know the disease is an expensive condition. It is sometimes hard for people to get the right information or find out what is the cheapest option for them. Blood glucose testing is no different. 

I compiled the information below to help navigate the current co-pay and prescription assistance programs that several of the meter companies promote. As with all prescription discount cards, Medicare, Medicaid and uninsured are not eligible, unless specifically mentioned.  Also, keep in mind that the savings and co-pay cards may not be accepted for mail order pharmacies.  

Freestyle Promise Card
Free meter and $15 co-pay for test strips.
Eligible patients pay the first $15 of co-pay under their insurance coverage, and can receive up to a maximum of $50 in co-pay savings.
Uninsured patients are also eligible for savings.  
One free meter per person.

By filling out the enrollment on their website, the patient has the option in include their physician’s information to have them obtain a prescription for test strips. The person has the option to decline and obtain the prescription on their own. Once enrolled, the person will receive a welcome packet and their savings card via email. Since the card is attached to the box, if the Abbott representative brings free meters for distribution, the card can also be obtained from the doctor’s office. If they have a card with a free meter, it is pre-activated so all they need to do is bring it to the pharmacy with the test strips prescription to get the co-pay savings.  

AgaMatrix Presto
Their “Year Supply Kit” includes a blood glucose meter and 400 Test Strips for only $89. For those that are only testing once daily, or just occasionally test in pairs to assess the effect of carbohydrates at meals, this may be an affordable choice.

By registering at their site, the patient can receive a meter replacement free of charge within the first five years of ownership.The person with a Bayer meter can get free replacement meter batteries for life, along with simple instructions on how to change them. By registering, the patient can receive one of three gifts: a free upgraded meter wallet, 10 free test strips or 25 Microlet Lancets.

After the patient enrolls in the Choice program, they will have the choice to sign up for Bayer Conour Choice Savings Card that reduces the co-pay to $15 for up to 300 tests strips per month (will cover up to $35 per month of remaining co-pay).  Cash paying customers can receive a savings of up to $25 per month.

Lifescan/One Touch
Verio IQ meter

By filling out demographics and diabetes information, the person can receive a free Verio IQ meter. One question asks if the person has an iPhone. If it is checked yes, then the offer for the Verio IQ Sync at 30% off is generated. Anyone can go to this site to identify coverage with Medicare or other insurance plans.
Uninsured are not qualified.

This company has an insurance coverage tool on their website to determine the co-pay cost for insurance plans in each state. Once you use the tool, it will generate a pdf of the information. Here is an example for Illinois coverage. In Illinois, the patient can obtain a free meter and most plans may be eligible for $15 co-pay on TrueTest strips or $10 co-pay on TrueTrack test strips (100 count).

TRUEcare Support Program
By registering for the program, the person will receive a coupon for a free meter. It also mentions that additional savings will be available.

By signing up for the co-pay card (which has no expiration date) the patient pays $15 insurance co-pay for Nova Max glucose test strips.  Cash paying customers pay only $20 per box of 50 test strips. For those who are using more test strips, the card can be used unlimited times. There is up to $50 total benefit per prescription.

Prodigy works with a nonprofit organization called Rx Outreach that can mail diabetes testing supplies to a patient at home for a low price.  Rx Outreach simply requires that the patient state that they cannot afford to purchase their product at traditional retail prices. Most state Medicaid plans have opted to handle their coverage of diabetes testing supplies in a slightly different manner than Medicare. 

Below is the coverage for Prodigy brand products by state:
California: Prodigy Products available (pharmacist must dispense NDC# 08484-0528-70)
Missouri: Prodigy Products available for patients with vision impairment
Georgia: Prodigy Product preferred on state formulary

Any patient can obtain a free FastClix lancet device with this coupon through 12/31/2014. The coupon states that it is available through most pharmacies, but CVS and RiteAid are highlighted on the coupon.

Anyone can receive a free Nano or Aviva Plus meter coupon by completing a few questions. Once the questions are completed, a coupon is generated.

Accu-Chek Connect co-pay card
The program is a supplemental access program, designed to close gaps in managed care coverage that will provide patients access to Accu-Chek products at preferred co pay levels regardless of their plan's formulary coverage.  Similar to their Connect card (which will expire January 31, 2015), the new program provides a co pay buy down benefit for commercial users only.  Medicare and Medicaid are not eligible.  To join the program and obtain the preferred savings card, go to or call 800.858.8072.  While there are many pharmacies that are participating in the program and will give the preferred price without a card, some pharmacies are not signed up and the only way to obtain the savings is by presenting the card to the pharmacy staff.

If you have seen any other promotions, please let me know!