I just read an article that says research has now shown that people “who were asked about their exercise habits, lost more weight and lowered blood sugar levels more than those in the groups who weren’t asked.”

We (diabetes health professionals) have been having a lot of conversations about the word “exercise” vs. “activity” and how turned off people can be about “exercise.” We are constantly trying to figure out the best way to discuss being more active with people who have and are at risk for diabetes. It maybe the answer is to just ask! Wow!

How simple and straight-forward is that? We just need to ask in a way that does not imply judgment. Where blood glucose readings are just numbers, the answer to the exercise question is just a word.

Perhaps by being asked the question (and then asking it of ourselves) we can find the motivation to start exercising if we aren’t already--or make other changes, or just keep doing what we’re doing. Whichever way you slice it, it feels good to answer YES!

So here it is, folks: Do you exercise?

To learn more about Jane’s work or her new book, "People With Diabetes Can Eat Anything: It’s All About Balance," read her interview with DiabetesCare.net.