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Started 1/5/2011 by Natashiah

  • Natashiah Natashiah ORIGINAL POSTER
    Hi first time here...
    I was originally diagnosed with getsational diabetes in my country...after I gave birth the doc said it will go away...but it did'nt... It kept on hanging around.Its been 3 years that I'm on Lantus...I live in Egypt,but originally from South Africa....these docs here told me I have to take a shot morning and evening...but this is not what the doc in my country told me...He said Lantus is one shot per day.In any case...I just want to know...since we are all needle happy...I adding anti diabetic pills to taking insulin shot help control sugar levels or not.
    I'm so fed up of these docs here because they know nothing about diabetes...they keep talking about not eating sweets etc,but as we know all foods contain sugars or will be converted into glucose...
    So any advice for me to be healthier here!
  • MikeBoyle MikeBoyle
    This reply is from RD/CDE Sharon Howard:
    Hi, Natashiah!
    Decisions about your diabetes treatment are based on many things. First, your personal health issues and blood sugar levels. Secondly, your health care system. What medications are available for use, what is covered by your health insurance, can you afford the medicine, how effective is it for your diabetes. Sounds like you have not found a doctor you have confidence in. Look for specialists in diabetes, such as endocrinologists, and maybe have a consult visit. Hospitals and medical schools are good places to start.
    General practice doctors are known to try to simplify the diet advice to "no sugar" no white foods". You are astute enough to know its not that simple, and just doing that doesn't help your blood sugar all that much. A comprehensive diet plan, where you count your carbohydrates to about 45% of your calories spread evenly through the day, should help. Use the Nutrition Tracker to see how much carbohydrates you eat. It's accessible from our website's home page (
    Lantus is usually used once a day, but can be divided into 2 doses. You can take it with oral diabetes medications.
    If your country has Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs), you might benefit from contacting one for help with your diet and medications. CDE's are nurses, dietitians, or pharmacists. They are specially trained to help people with diabetes find the best ways to manage their diabetes.
    I hope this helps and good luck!
    Sharon Howard, RD/CDE
  • ravianand ravianand
    am so sorry to hear that natashiah but when some ppl are pregnant they get a trace of diabetes n the doc usually say it goes away it actually does in some ppl but others it stay n he suppose to tell u that too.. i only got it 8months now well i found out 8months now