My name is Trina. I have been involved in a long-term treatment which is now opening in other states. I have type 1 diabetes, which was diagnosed at age 2. I am now 31.
The treatment I have been on has been called by all sorts of names, and now is called the artificial pancreas treatment. But he does not have anything to do with Medtronics, is a treatment that is given by intravenous insulin administration which reestablishes normal carbohydrate metabolism and reduces lipid metabolism. I've been on this treatment since I was 6 years old and I am now 31. I have five healthy children and I am completely free of any of the complications of diabetes. I do not even have microalbuminuria.
I understand that many other states are now opening clinics, including Sacramento, Newport Beach, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, ft. Worth, Miami, Charlotte and other places.
This treatment has kept me well and has given me my life back. Now there is hope for both type 1 and type 2's to avoid the complications of diabetes by reducing their metabolism of lipids automatically, when carbohydrates can be properly used.