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Obesity weight control at an elderly age.

Started 12/9/2013 by middleburg

  • middleburg middleburg ORIGINAL POSTER
    My family has common line of diabetes and know that obesity is the most challenging issue to control. Currently have an older female family member, with type 2 diabetes (treated for 30 yrs) and is struggling with foot problems caused by bad weight management due to her age and sparse physical cababilities. What resources / organizations are available for elderly women (over 65) to reach out to for getting help in losing weight? It's a psychological struggle as she gets older and heavier, with less motiviation and activities to do on daily basis.
  • claras claras
    Hello Middleburg,
    Medicare helps covers diabetes education if there is an order for it from your family member's doctor. Please see and look under Medical nutritional therapy (MNT)for what medicare will cover for diabetes/weight control. Look under self management training to help her with her feet and other diabetes needs. You can also call your local hospital to see if they have a program to help her. Have her call her insurance to see if she would get any additional visits if needed with a dietitian. In some locations the health department provides classes or private counsel. Additionally call the health department to see what is offered for the elderly where she lives. My final idea is to call your county extension office to see if they provide any additional programs. I hope these ideas will help your family find the correct resource for her.
    Clara Schneider MS,RD,RN,CDE,LDN