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low potassium/low carb diet

Started 4/11/2012 by kathy7

  • kathy7 kathy7 ORIGINAL POSTER
    I'm having some issues with high potassium levels and was told to follow a low potassium diet.  When I googled it, I discovered that it didn't have much in common with the low carb, low fat, low salt diet that I had been following.  I'm supposed to stay away from whole grains and sweet potatoes.  They were my staples.  And giving up peanut butter in not even on the table.  Any suggestions from people who have encountered this before?  
  • SharonRD SharonRD
    Yes, it si a tricky restriction. White and sweet potatoes are high in potassium, but rice and noodles are not. eat controlled amounts of these. Green leafy vegetables are high in potassium, as well as tomatoes and citrus. However, you can eat some of these foods in small amounts. I suggest you use our food tracker tool and track potassium, sodium, carbs and fat on a daily basis. Then you will know if you have meet the doctors goals. Also you can leach the potassium from the potatoes and greens by soaking in 10 cups of water overnight and then discard the water. reduces potassium by 50%.
  • michal123 michal123
    Having too much potassium in your diet can also be dangerous. A low carb diet should not be low in potassium since fresh foods, which are the mainstay of our diets, supply the most potassium. MikeBoyle2012-07-16 06:21:50