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Started 4/10/2012 by sylviaf

  • sylviaf sylviaf ORIGINAL POSTER
    I heard fenugrek is good for diabetes, I am pre-diabetic
    how should I eat it ( I like it soaked in water)
    note that I also take statins, 20mg/day
  • pouha2012 pouha2012
    fenugrek is very bitter.stir it (one spoonà in a little glass of water and drink it. dont forget to check you blood sugar after a week to see if it suits you; ganeraly all natural medecine for blood sugar are bitter; such as "pervenche of madagascar" that i know very well;
  • SharonRD SharonRD
    Don't forget to do other things for your diabetes, like eat a balanced diet and exercise.
  • sjtbiswas777 sjtbiswas777
    Yeah you are able to grab it, however please check out somebody blood stream sugar on a week to know even if that outfits you
  • aiyanct aiyanct
    Basically fenugreek is used to reduce heat in our body. Almost fenugreek is a herbal medinice seeda and leeves both are rich in health and cures lot of health issues. Especially it cures for the diabetes patients which control blood sugar level. So Diabetes patients should follow a glassful of fenugreek(soaked) water drunk on an empty stomach on a daily. They will see the difference of blood sugar level.