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Vitamin B1 in Orange ?

Started 2/25/2012 by pouha2012

  • pouha2012 pouha2012 ORIGINAL POSTER
    just take complexB vitamines
  • ket123 ket123
    Orange is always good for the health and one of the very good source of folic acid. I like to eat Orange.It will also help to the formation and maintenance of nerve cells. Vitamin B complex improves the body's resistance to stress and it convert blood sugar into energy .
  • gpaul7 gpaul7
    in the index of foods in the national nutrient database, there are over 300 foods with more Vit. B1 than raw oranges, which shows up on page 7 of the list.
    Like Bananas, which are actually mediocre for Potassium, many foods have unwarranted reputations for certain ingredients.
    Now if you eat frozen concentrated orange juice like sherbert, then you'd be onto something.
  • michal123 michal123
    Orange is really good for our health..