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Do you like to eat Mangoes?

Started 9/4/2012 by sjtbiswas777

  • sjtbiswas777 sjtbiswas777 ORIGINAL POSTER
    Well as the subject line stated - do you like to eat Mangoes?
    US Dept of Ag has allowed Indian Mango to re-enter US soil after almost over two decades of ban. Last weekend the pricing for Indian mangoes was absolutely ridiculous - $35 / dozen as compared to Mexican Mango which goes at $6.99 / dozen.
  • mrshaikh19960 mrshaikh19960
    yes i like mangoes
    do you know Pakistani mangoes are netter than Indian ones?
  • zatonil zatonil
    i know Indian mangoes are very famous all over in the world but these are not good for diabetes patients so i cant eat it..
    what about you..??