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T2 Health Alert: Acute and Chronic Pain

Started 8/21/2012 by MikeBoyle

  • MikeBoyle MikeBoyle ORIGINAL POSTER
    Almost half of adults with type 2 diabetes report acute and chronic pain, and close to one quarter report neuropathy, fatigue, depression, sleep disturbance and physical or emotional disability, according to a study of more than 13,000 adults conducted by researchers.
    Read more on "Almost Half of Type 2 Diabetes Patients Report Acute and Chronic Pain" here!
    What are your experiences with acute and chronic pain?
  • sal36uk sal36uk
    Hi i am also T2 and have megga pain im in agony all the time as my hips r extremely stiff i also have problems with my lower back i have a bulgin disc L4 & L5, i suffer alot with tingles in my hands and feet the tips of my fingers goes first then everywhere else. My eating is crap and am extremely tired all the time i sleep most of the day and night im awake for about 4hrs a day and thats it, normally i cant sleep. This is when i knew something was wrong with me so went doctors the blood tests showed T2 diabetes