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How to treatment diabetic foot and ulcer

Started 5/30/2012 by Edwina Zhou

  • Edwina Zhou Edwina Zhou ORIGINAL POSTER
    Cry, When you are diabetes patient, you may be in the pain of vasculopathy, neuropathy, and diabetic food. i want to seek for help for our kinds of patients, thanks a lot!
  • ACIMedical ACIMedical
    Hello Edwina,  
    One option you could consider for your patients is ArtAssist arterial pump technology. If, for some reason, your patient cannot undergo surgery, this arterial pump is a very reliable solution because it was specifically designed to increase arterial blood flow to the foot. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to discuss them! Just send me a direct message.
    Our website is I hope you and your patients find the right therapy!
    - Diana, Clinical Education @ ACI Medical
  • SharonRD SharonRD
    Blood glucose control affects the nerves, circulation , eyesight and kidney function. Manage the disease holistically--treat the whole body, starting with the blood glucose
  • lindsy4775 lindsy4775
    Thanks for providing the information, I really like your post and it's really helpful for us.