Diabetes Treatment in India
Diabetes now it became a common thing in our daily life, and it is very much important to be keep diet in all stages not only to be in particular, MV Diabetes Hospital and Diabetes research center is one of the the worlds best diabtic center in Chennai, Sexual Impotence Treatment Diabetes, Diabetes Management Chennai. MV Hospital for diabetes is the Worlds Best Diabetes Hospital in Chennai, and MV Diabetes is awarded as a best hospital for diabetes among the private hospitals, we have our Diabetic center in Chennai and Bangalore. And also the people should check their diabetes atleast for twice in the year.
Prof. M. Viswanathan who has been acknowledged as the "Father of Diabetology" in India, The centres of Excellence viz., Diabetes Research Centre and M.V.
Hospital for Diabetes established by him with his vast knowledge and wide professional experience, as an internationally recognised leading research scientist in diabetes will endure as standing monuments to his memory and greatness. Diabetes Research Centre Prof. Viswanathan left government service in 1971 with a view to realise his potential as a researcher and academic in the field of diabetes care and research. In 1972, the Diabetes Research Centre, a non-profit organisation,solely devoted to research was established.
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