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Insulin Pump Therapy

Started 2/17/2012 by ket123

  • ket123 ket123 ORIGINAL POSTER
    Have you know anything about Insulin Pump Therapy for diabetics. It is really effective or not? How it will work in human body? Share some information if you know about this.
  • anwhus anwhus
    could some one shed some information on the insulin pump therapy plse.
  • gpaul7 gpaul7
    the pump is effective if it's intelligently used.
    It doesn't make any decisions for the user.
    The user has to totally understand carbohydrate counting to accurately dose at mealtimes.
    To really make it work right, you probably need to test your BG 7 to 10 times daily on average.
    Hooking up a CGM device would be the best method.
    You only get out of it what you put in. It's a great device, but you have to put a lot of head work into it! You definitely have to know your carb counting, and you have to be prepared to test v regularly. I used to have one, but I wasnt prepared to put the required work into it, and therefore it didnt really work for me. I am looking into going back onto it though, as I am now desparate to sort my diabetes out!
  • Jorge Jorge
    I've been using one since this week. Up to now, you need to knnow your carb counting to get some results. But I think that if you put it up to it you will win. I'm winning allready in just 5 days.