DiabetesCare.net Forums Guidelines/Policies
- Be advised that your postings on this public forum will become public. The basic rules for discussions on the DiabetesCare.net's Community Forums are simple: be polite, do not be offensive or malicious, and please do not post advertising messages of any kind.
- By using our Community Forums, you agree to abide by the above stated DiabetesCare.net Forum Guidelines/Policies. We want our Community Forums to be about building community and helping people. We do not intend to censor messages based on the opinions expressed within posts, but we reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion and without explanation. Users will be notified if, at the discretion of DiabetesCare.net, their behavior in our Community Forums results in their being banned.
- DiabetesCare.net's Community Forums are moderated by Clara Schneider MS, RD, RN, CDE, LDN, who is compensated by DiabetesCare.net. Further information on Ms. Schneider's credentials may be found here: http://www.diabetescare.net/hcab.asp. Ms. Schneider always identifies herself as a healthcare professional when responding or posting in the Community Forums. Otherwise, by default, all users of the DiabetesCare.net's Community Forums are considered non-medical professionals.
- The information provided on DiabetesCare.net is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own healthcare professional. Please contact your physician or medical professional with any questions and concerns about your medical condition.
- The minimum age for the use or participation in our Community Forums is 18 and is strictly adhered to.
- Everyone who uses DiabetesCare.net's Community Forums can read a post and use its content. In addition, all users have the possibility to modify or erase his/her posts. More information on DiabetesCare.net's general Privacy Policy can be found here: http://www.diabetescare.net/privacy.asp.
- Users of DiabetesCare.net's Community Forums are asked to give references (links for example) to the health/medical information they provide when it is not a personal experience. Personal experience is defined as any symptom, test, treatment, etc. that the person or a close family member has undergone himself/herself. All posts on DiabetesCare.net are automatically dated.
- It is expected that all users of DiabetesCare.net's Community Forums undertake to disseminate only information that is true and correct in light of their knowledge.
- DiabetesCare.net reserves the right to modify and amend these guidelines at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of current DiabetesCare.net Community Forums Guidelines/Policies.
To contact the moderator of DiabetesCare.net's Community Forums, please send an email to: contact@diabetescare.net.
Last Modified Date: August 23, 2012.