Today's Date: 4/19/2014 - Site Updated: 4/19/2014
Diabetes Educators!
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spotlight image Key Milestone for Brown Fat Research with a Ground-Breaking MRI Scan Researchers used MRI-based methods to identify and confirm the presence of brown adipose tissue in a living adult, which could prove to be an essential step towards a new wave of therapies to aid in the fight against obesity. ..
spotlight image What the World’s Biggest Mountain Teaches Us About Type 2 High atop Mount Everest, scientists assessed the mechanisms by which low oxygen levels in the body also known as hypoxia are associated with the development of insulin resistance. ..
spotlight image Women with Diabetes Less Likely to Have a Mammogram According to a recent study, women with diabetes are 14 percent less likely to be screened for breast cancer compared to women without diabetes. ..
spotlight image Researchers Identify Specific Causes of Brown Fat Cell ’Whitening’ Researchers have learned that overeating high-calorie foods not only leads to an increase in white fat cell production, but it also leads to the dysfunction of brown fat cells, the unique type of fat that generates heat and burns energy...
spotlight image Are Chromium Supplements Helpful in Lowering Glucose Levels? A new study analyzes nearly three decades of data on the effect of chromium supplementation on blood sugar and concludes that chromium supplements are not effective at lowering fasting blood sugar in healthy individuals, or people with diabetes. ..
Up Close Interview

Educating the Underserved Diabetes Community

Sam Grossman is the coordinator for a grassroots diabetes education program being delivered to the residents of Newark, NJ, and has hopes to expand the program to others in need.

By: John Parkinson, Clinical Content Coordinator,

During a cold, wintry evening in Newark, NJ people file into a local community health center and find a place to sit. It’s the kind of night where people would rather stay home than venture out. However, the people filing into the community center all have diabetes and they are here to learn disease management skills to improve their health and find additional support.

The people are missing the necessary information to help them control their diabe...

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if inhalable insulin gets FDA approved this summer, would you like to see it be used by your patients?