Diabetes Recipes

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Holiday Punch
Low Carb

30 cal8g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

Family gatherings around the holidays are very special. Serving a tasty, low calorie punch in a large serving bowl is inviting to guests. This recipe is great for those trying to save their carbohydrate and calorie allowance for dinner.

Mock Eggnog
Low Fat

90 cal16g carbs0g fat320mg sodium

Some eggnog recipes contain as much as 343 calories per cup. The serving size for “Mock Eggnog” is 7 ounces with 90 calories per serving. It has 16 grams of carbohydrate and 0 grams of fat! It is also delicious. The recipe is called “Mock eggnog” because traditional eggnog contains eggs which this recipe does not have.

Caribbean Milk Cooler
Low Fat

120 cal27g carbs0g fat60mg sodium

Chai Coffee
Low Carb

90 cal13g carbs2g fat100mg sodium

Chocolate Comfort Sipper
Low Fat

180 cal38g carbs1g fat200mg sodium

Sesame Milk
Low Carb

121.5 cal9.5g carbs8.9g fat0mg sodium

This milk is jam-packed with important nutrients and protein. It's a great way to get some nutrition into your children.

Almond Milk
Very Low Carb

105.3 cal3.6g carbs9.2g fat10mg sodium

Almond milk, which is very simple to make, is superior to cow's milk because f its reduced allergen potential and its significant content of plant-based essential fatty acids. When you're short on time, you can buy almond milk in the health-food section of grocery stores or at any natural-foods store.

Apple Walnut Bread Pudding

130 cal17g carbs5g fat190mg sodium

Apples and walnuts pair up to flavor up this bread pudding made with low-fat milk, egg substitute and sugar-free vanilla pudding and pie filling.

Hot Merry Cherry Punch
Low Fat

71 cal17g carbs0g fat5mg sodium

Cherry juice with a small bit of cane sugar, juice and peel of a lemon and spiced nice with cloves and cinnamon. Garnish with a lemon slice if desired.

Raspberry Sangria
Low Carb

160 cal10g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

Pureed raspberries give this sangria an extra fruity new twist. Champagne or sparkling mineral water can be substituted for the white wine.

Blushing Hot Spiced Cider
Low Fat

65 cal16g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

The blush in this fantastic hot spiced cider comes from cranberry juice cocktail. Spiced with cloves, allspice berries and cinnamon. Delicious! This beverage will keep your insides warm all fall and winter long.

Low Carb

79 cal10g carbs1g fat

This makes a pretty festive and original eggnog but replaces sugar with measurable sweetener and full fat milk with skim.

Maple Banana Blast
Low Fat

120 cal28g carbs0.5g fat50mg sodium

Bananas are broken in half and partially frozen then placed into a blender with sweetener, maple syrup, skim milk, yogurt, vanilla extract and ice cubes. Blend and enjoy.