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"Wake up your love" Coffee
Very Low Carb

4g carbs

Sure candy and flowers are great, but sometimes it's the “little” things that show how much you care for another person. This is one of those recipes that's so easy that I feel guilty even calling it a recipe. The result is pure decadence. …and love!

Baked Zucchini Pancakes
Low Carb

13g carbs

Talk about how a recipe changes year after year. This recipe started out as a way to make Latkes (Hanukah potato pancakes) with less fat. Then it changed with my diagnosis of Diabetes to zucchini pancakes. The most recent change is using some whole wheat flour in the batter to replace some of the white flour. The change was just intended to add nutritional value to the recipe, but it popped the flavor even more than the older version. This is a delicious side dish to go with a protein in place of potato pancakes at dinner.

Cucumber and Radish Small Bites
Very Low Carb

5g carbs

This recipe is very simple and is so good you should never hesitate to serve it while entertaining guests. It is a flash to prepare. Great with drinks on new Year's Eve or the next day with football.

Diabetic Man's Crustless Quiche
Low Carb

6g carbs

They say that real men don’t eat quiche. I say real Diabetics should eat crustless Quiche. Made a day ahead and even frozen, this is a great easy dinner, fast lunch and super weekend breakfast.

"Skinny" Orange Pleasures
Very Low Carb

20 cal1g carbs1g fat40mg sodium

This recipe is wonderful to make for children and adults alike.

Spring Mix Salad with Orange and Fennel
Low Carb

90 cal11g carbs4.5g fat30mg sodium

Broccoli Soup

16g carbs

There are two ways to prepare the broccoli. Either roast as below or blanch in sweetened water. While the finish taste is different, I like both ways equally well. BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER COOK THE BROCCOLI before adding to the soup. Can be served either hot or cold.

Holiday Punch
Low Carb

30 cal8g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

Family gatherings around the holidays are very special. Serving a tasty, low calorie punch in a large serving bowl is inviting to guests. This recipe is great for those trying to save their carbohydrate and calorie allowance for dinner.

Mock Eggnog
Low Fat

90 cal16g carbs0g fat320mg sodium

Some eggnog recipes contain as much as 343 calories per cup. The serving size for “Mock Eggnog” is 7 ounces with 90 calories per serving. It has 16 grams of carbohydrate and 0 grams of fat! It is also delicious. The recipe is called “Mock eggnog” because traditional eggnog contains eggs which this recipe does not have.

French Turkey and Walnut Salad
Low Carb

6g carbs

Planning ahead for holiday leftovers. If you don't like walnuts, try toasted almonds or pecans. Make sure to try the tarragon, it will surprise you what a difference it makes.

Pizza with Sausage
Low Carb

14g carbs

Feel free to change the topping to reflect your tastes. It takes more time to preheat the oven then it does to prepare this recipe.

Sesame Snap Beans
Low Carb

50 cal10g carbs1g fat190mg sodium

This recipe can be served warm or cold so it can be part of a packed lunch. With only four ingredients, it is very easy to make and really delicious!

Zucchini Corn Boats
Low Sodium

160 cal22g carbs7g fat90mg sodium

This recipe is easy to make and a great presentation for family and friends alike!

Chinese Stir Fried Peas and Greens
Low Carb

110 cal14g carbs4g fat300mg sodium

This is a yummy stir fry that can be serve with tofu, chicken or shrimp. It is really easy to make!

Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad
Low Carb

90 cal8g carbs6g fat130mg sodium

This is an easy salad to make and enjoy with a sandwich or a serving of grilled fish and rice.

Roasted Asparagus Dijon Style
Low Carb

35 cal6g carbs1g fat20mg sodium

Asparagus are so elegant. This recipe is great to serve for guest or anytime.

Daringly Delicious Grilled Star Fruit Salad
Low Carb

160 cal14g carbs10g fat10mg sodium

Rhubarb Chili
Low Fat

220 cal41g carbs2.5g fat

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the leaves of the plant are poisonous, do not eat them. This rhubarb recipe from the “Farmer’ Market Favorite Recipes Cookbook” published by Cornell Cooperative Extension Saratoga County, New York edited by Diane Whitten. Their website is www.ccesaratoga.org.

Rhubarb Chili with Ground Beef

270 cal33g carbs9g fat210mg sodium

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the leaves of the plant are poisonous, do not eat them. This rhubarb recipe from the “Farmer’ Market Favorite Recipes Cookbook” published by Cornell Cooperative Extension Saratoga County, New York edited by Diane Whitten. Their website is: www.ccesaratoga.org.

Watermelon Blueberry Salad
Low Carb

60 cal14g carbs0g fat0mg sodium

This recipe is high in vitamin A and vitamin C.

Braised Red Cabbage
Low Carb

10g carbs

Skinny Slaw
Very Low Carb

5g carbs

This recipe comes from a restaurant I managed in New York City called The Diet Gourmet. The original was made with Sweet and Low and a fat-free mayonnaise. We sold buckets of it every day.

Black Bean and Chicken Casserole

252 cal26g carbs4g fat360mg sodium

This dish has excellent flavor. Kidney beans can be substituted for black beans. Recipe courtesy of Quick & Healthy Volume II, 2nd Edition, Brenda J. Ponichtera, RD, Published by Small Steps Press, a division of the American Diabetes Association.

Chicken Chili
Low Fat

236 cal33g carbs2g fat60mg sodium

Chili lovers will enjoy this thick chili. It is so simple and tasty. Recipe courtesy of Quick & Healthy Volume II, 2nd Edition, Brenda J. Ponichtera, RD, Published by Small Steps Press, a division of the American Diabetes Association.

Curry Tuna Salad
Low Carb

165 cal7g carbs6g fat480mg sodium

Try this for a different tuna salad. The taste of curry and the crunch of water chestnuts make this especially good. Recipe courtesy of Quick Healthy Recipes and Ideas, 3rd Edition, Brenda J. Ponichtera, RD, Published by Small Steps Press, a division of the American Diabetes Association.

Pork Chop Suey

219 cal16g carbs5g fat370mg sodium

Using pork tenderloin eliminates the extra trimming of fat and bone. It also makes this a quick and tasty dish. If you like crisp vegetables, simmer for the less amount of time. Recipe courtesy of Quick Healthy Recipes and Ideas, 3rd Edition, Brenda J. Ponichtera, RD, Published by Small Steps Press, a division of the American Diabetes Association.

Tomato and Basil Pasta
Low Fat

193 cal39g carbs1g fat10mg sodium

Fresh tomatoes and basil add a wonderful flavor to this light dish. Recipe courtesy of Quick Healthy Recipes and Ideas, 3rd Edition, Brenda J. Ponichtera, RD, Published by Small Steps Press, a division of the American Diabetes Association.

All-American Chicken Blueberry Salad Platter

370 cal46g carbs9g fat510mg sodium

This salad platter is high in Vitamin C as well as a good source of Vitamin A and Iron.

Blueberry Biscotti
Low Carb

90 cal13g carbs4g fat40mg sodium

This recipe is a great treat to bring to a tea party to share! The recipe author, Chef Nick Malgieri is an award-winning cookbook author and Director of the Baking Department, Institute of Culinary Education, New York

Blueberry Breakfast Salad

340 cal49g carbs16g fat320mg sodium

Blueberry Kale Salad

320 cal36g carbs18g fat390mg sodium

The fat content of this recipe is high but the fats are from olive oil, avocado, and pumpkin seeds which contain healthy fats. This salad is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron.

Salmon Burgers with Blueberry-Lemon Raita
Low Carb

180 cal9g carbs5g fat560mg sodium

Scandinavian Blueberry Bisque
Low Sodium

150 cal38g carbs5g fat10mg sodium

Tart A Citron (Lemon Tart)
Low Carb

12g carbs

This dessert is like being in a sidewalk cafe in Paris, without the carbohydrates and cigarette smoke.

Cottage Cheese and Pineapple
Low Fat

160 cal20g carbs2g fat80mg sodium

Fresh Salsa with Corn, Black Beans and Chips
Low Carb

40 cal8g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

Ice Cream Cone with Light Ice Cream
Low Carb

4 cal8g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

Mini Taco

140 cal17g carbs6g fat180mg sodium

Garbanzo Bean Salad
Low Fat

110 cal17g carbs3g fat150mg sodium

Graham Cracker, Peanut Butter and Banana
Low Sodium

150 cal18g carbs7g fat130mg sodium

Baked Oatmeal

350 cal34g carbs18g fat290mg sodium

Caribbean Milk Cooler
Low Fat

120 cal27g carbs0g fat60mg sodium

Chai Coffee
Low Carb

90 cal13g carbs2g fat100mg sodium

Chocolate Comfort Sipper
Low Fat

180 cal38g carbs1g fat200mg sodium

Easy Skillet Creamed Corn
Low Sodium

160 cal24g carbs6g fat140mg sodium

Greek-Yogurt, Blueberry and Banana Creamy Yummy Frozen Treats
Low Carb

60 cal11g carbs0g fat20mg sodium

These treats are wonderful to eat at the end of a meal or as a healthy snack. The Greek yogurt gives a creamy taste without fat.

Hearty Leek, Potato and Vegetable Soup
Low Fat

100 cal18g carbs2g fat60mg sodium

This is a crowd pleasing hearty soup that is made in a large size batch. Leftovers can be frozen in individual serving containers to be part of a soul warming lunch or dinner. This soup has a pureed base with vegetables added for texture. Let the flavors blend over night if possible to bring out the soups best character (keep in the refrigerator). One cup serving is a good source of fiber and a high source vitamin A and vitamin C. People with bigger appetites may enjoy two servings of this wonderful soup for a meal served with a mixed green salad and a serving of fruit or a yogurt frozen treat ......Delicious!

Red, White & Bleu Spinach Salad

380 cal41g carbs19g fat630mg sodium

Roasted Eggplant with Tomato Sauce and Vegetables
Low Sodium

130 cal18g carbs5g fat140mg sodium

This dish is very nutritious and very pretty to serve to guests. For vegetarians it can be served as the main dish or for meat eaters, broiled fish or grilled chicken make an excellent addition. Serve with whole grain bread and a fruit salad and enjoy!

Salmon Cakes with Coleslaw and Lime Dill Yogurt Sauce
Low Carb

180 cal15g carbs5g fat680mg sodium

Spicy Sweet Potato Dip
Low Carb

110 cal11g carbs4.5g fat250mg sodium

Turkey, Black Beans, and Vegetable Chili
Low Fat

110 cal16g carbs1g fat100mg sodium

This chili is easy to make ahead and very healthy. Watch out when you have a crowd as it will disappear fast. Two servings are commonly used for a dinner and served with a salad and a piece of crusty bread. It can be frozen in single serving size containers. One serving makes an excellent lunch for those watching their calories served with a piece of fruit and a low calorie yogurt. You might find yourself making this recipe again and again!

Baked Red Snapper Almandine
Very Low Carb

134 cal3g carbs5.3g fat200mg sodium

Pecans may be substituted for the almonds for a unique twist, but then you could not call it Almandine!

Cabbage and Potato Cakes
Low Carb

160 cal10g carbs11.7g fat110mg sodium

Shredded cabbage with cooked potatoes, onion, eggs. Seasoned with salt and pepper. This healthful dish cooks up quickly and easily in a skillet.

Fishing Lodge Breakfast Trout
Low Carb

330 cal10g carbs14g fat720mg sodium

A mixture of brown sugar and salt is brought to near-burn stage. Then a little butter is added with the trout. The trout should cooking in 5 to 10 minutes. (NOTE: 4 (8oz) servings are used in the analysis.)

Marinated Three Bean Salad
Low Carb

244 cal14g carbs18g fat10mg sodium

Wax, green and soy beans with onion and red bell pepper marinated in a mixture of vinegar, vegetable oil, Splenda, celery seed and dry mustard.

Turkey Cutlets Florentine
Low Carb

227 cal10g carbs10g fat220mg sodium

The word "Florentine" on a menu means spinach. This deep-green leaf is full of antioxidants and fiber, and it's delicious too!

Warm Broccoli and Potato Salad
Low Sodium

180 cal30g carbs5g fat15mg sodium

This filling salad makes a delicious lunch for a winter afternoon.

Fun Snack Balls
Low Carb

106 cal5.7g carbs8.2g fat110mg sodium

You can't be this recipe in simplicity, but it truly is a fun treat -- tasty, crunchy and the peanut butter makes it satisfying!

Herbed Eggs
Very Low Carb

60 cal3g carbs0g fat190mg sodium

Herb seasoning adds a nice taste flair to a common staple in the low carbohydate diet!

Lemon Blueberry Surprise Muffins
Very Low Carb

224 cal4g carbs13g fat220mg sodium

What is the surprise? It's cream cheese, which adds flavor and tenderness. Vanilla whey protein is used in place of standard flour.

Mexican Chicken Salad
Low Carb

227 cal10g carbs20g fat380mg sodium

If you like spicy food, sprinkle cayenne pepper on the chicken strips before baking. The highly seasoned lime vinaigrette dressing is also terrific over grilled fish.

Apple-Potato Pancakes
Low Sodium

210 cal29g carbs7g fat110mg sodium

If you can't find pecans, substitute any of your favorite nuts! (NOTE: did not include plain non-fat yogurt, sour cream or applesauce)

Blushing Eggs
Very Low Carb

78 cal1.3g carbs6.2g fat60mg sodium

Similar to a deviled egg, these blushing eggs mash the yolks with cream cheese, tomato puree and mayonnaise. Serve on a bed of lettuce.

Butternut Squash Cheese Muffins
Low Carb

80 cal6g carbs4.8g fat30mg sodium

This is a great way to get a serving of vegetables into your day.

Chickpea Parmesan Spread
Low Carb

92 cal10g carbs3.9g fat150mg sodium

This spread can be served hot or cold. Omit the hot sauce altogether if you have mild taste buds.

Coffee Jelly
Very Low Carb

105 cal1g carbs11g fat20mg sodium

Flavor plain gelatin with liquid sweetener, espresso and whipping cream. Garnish with more whipped cream if you like and a coffee bean or two.

Garlic Cauliflower

Cauliflower is great for a low carb diet, but is often bland. Not with this recipe! Garlic, paprika, red wine vinegar, cayenne pepper and salt and pepper give it lots of flavor and nutrition. There are two main ingredients in cauliflower, and all of the cruciferous family, that are the main disease fighters. These are indole-3-carbinol, or 13C, and the photonutrient sulforaphane. Cauliflower also contains vitamin C and folate.

Green Beans Ole
Low Carb

28 cal6g carbs280mg sodium

Add a fiesta flair to your green beans! Bell pepper and tomatoes seasoned with basil, rosemary and pepper. Very healthy and very good. Green Beans are a good source of fiber and vitamin C and also contain calcium, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin A. Also is a source of folate which supports DNA synthesis and new cell formation.

Lacy Parmesan Crisps
Very Low Carb

28 cal0g carbs2g fat110mg sodium

Called frico in Italy, these delicious wafers are simply spoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese that are baked and cooled.

Miniature Crab Cakes
Low Carb

102 cal10g carbs4g fat270mg sodium

Traditionally, crab cakes are fried in butter. This healthy alternative bakes them. It also takes advantage of panko, a type of bread crumb that adds a lot of crunch to a dish without adding a lot of fat.

Minted Lentil and Tomato Salad
Low Sodium

210 cal24g carbs9g fat110mg sodium

Different types of mint will change the flavor of this salad- so experiment, and enjoy! (NOTE: used fresh mint)

Mixed Vegatables
Low Carb

135 cal12g carbs9g fat400mg sodium

A dish brimming with healthful vegetables! Colorful peppers, zucchini, squash, snow peas, mushrooms and seasoned with garlic, soy sauce, Worcestershire and your favorite herbs. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some types of cancer and other chronic diseases. Vegetables also provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and other substances that are important for good health.

Mock Mashed Potatoes
Low Carb

91 cal9g carbs7g fat90mg sodium

Cooked cauliflower processed with sour cream. Garnish with grated cheese and fresh minced chives.

Pecan Snacks
Very Low Carb

206 cal5g carbs21g fat30mg sodium

Raw unsalted pecans sweetened lightly with brown sugar Sugar Twin, butter and salt to taste. Basically these are toasted pecans done low carb.

Quinoa Berry Breakfast
Low Sodium

240 cal36g carbs8g fat5mg sodium

Try other berries, nuts, or spices such as ginger or nutmeg to vary this nutritious breakfast cereal.


110 cal16g carbs5g fat200mg sodium

This rich vegetable stew can be served over brown rice, pasta, or couscous, either hot or cold.

Single Knot Rolls
Low Carb

118 cal12.1g carbs5.9g fat150mg sodium

Use Texas white rolls you can purchase in your grocers freezer and create these pretty knot rolls.

Smoked Turkey And Cheddar Spread
Very Low Carb

217 cal2g carbs17g fat150mg sodium

Italian parsley with smoked turkey breast, sharp cheddar cheese, pecan halves, sour cream and Dijon mustard.

Stir-Fried Singapore Noodles

287 cal44g carbs10.7g fat190mg sodium

Vermicelli noodles are sometimes known as rice sticks or rice noodles.

Tofu Soup with Rice
Low Fat

180 cal28g carbs3g fat85mg sodium

You can substitute bulgar, a crunchy, nutty wheat grain, for the rice in this recipe. However, bulgur is not gluten free. (NOTE: Silken firm tofu used)

Chicken Fingers
Low Carb

190 cal12g carbs3.5g fat270mg sodium

Make these crispy, crunchy chicken fingers and serve with mustard and honey for dipping.

Breakfast Eggnog

300 cal29g carbs10g fat210mg sodium

This is a very easy breakfast to whip together for yourself or your children and offers a good source of complete protein in the morning. (NOTE: Use pasteurized eggs for safety)

Carrot Raisin Cookies
Low Carb

76.4 cal11.8g carbs2.9g fat30mg sodium

Using a combination of flours and sweeteners makes these little treats even richer.

Cucumber Salad
Very Low Carb

45 cal5g carbs2.6g fat10mg sodium

This salad goes well with most meat dishes.

Mexican Salad
Low Fat

103.6 cal18.9g carbs2.3g fat470mg sodium

Scrumptious Green Beans
Low Carb

68.6 cal6.5g carbs4.7g fat390mg sodium

Simple green beans never tasted so good. This dish offers a great way to get some green vegetables into your family members' diets.

Sesame Milk
Low Carb

121.5 cal9.5g carbs8.9g fat0mg sodium

This milk is jam-packed with important nutrients and protein. It's a great way to get some nutrition into your children.

Simple and Delectable Beets
Low Carb

26.8 cal6g carbs0.1g fat50mg sodium

Beets are so sweet that they really need no seasonings. But if you want to experiment with some new flavors, try this recipe.

Tangy Coconut Soup
Low Carb

323 cal14.6g carbs11.1g fat370mg sodium

Galanga root and lemongrass can be purchased at Asian markets and at some well-stocked gourmet groceries

Asparagus a la Sweet Lemon
Low Carb

128.4 cal6.2g carbs11.3g fat290mg sodium

Lemon is a great flavor to add to most dishes, and the nutmeg adds a surprising sweetness to the asparagus.

Cashew Cabbage
Low Sodium

177.9 cal17.8g carbs10.8g fat110mg sodium

The cashews make the flavor very surprising and appealing.

Mashed "Potatoes" (Mashed Jerusalem Artichokes)
Low Carb

80.4 cal13.5g carbs2.4g fat10mg sodium

If you desire mashed potatoes at your Thanksgiving dinner, this is a great alternative.

Olive Oil-Butter Spread
Very Low Carb

107.7 cal0g carbs12.2g fat60mg sodium

Use it as a spread instead of plain organic butter or in cooking in place of plain organic olive oil.

Rosemary Squash
Low Sodium

116.2 cal17.8g carbs5.2g fat120mg sodium

Almond Milk
Very Low Carb

105.3 cal3.6g carbs9.2g fat10mg sodium

Almond milk, which is very simple to make, is superior to cow's milk because f its reduced allergen potential and its significant content of plant-based essential fatty acids. When you're short on time, you can buy almond milk in the health-food section of grocery stores or at any natural-foods store.

Baba Ghanoush
Low Carb

101.3 cal8.7g carbs7.1g fat200mg sodium

This is great for dipping and as a side to any meat dish.

Baked Tofu

280 cal17.1g carbs17.9g fat1350mg sodium

Baked tofu can be stir-fried with veggies and served over rice (using the extra marinade in a sauce), eaten in a sandwich with sprouts, or added to a salad of mixed greens with a savory dressing.

Colorful Coleslaw
Low Carb

117 cal13.4g carbs7.3g fat30mg sodium

Low Carb

145 cal8.2g carbs13.1g fat60mg sodium

Mango Salsa
Low Fat

79.1 cal20.5g carbs0.3g fat0mg sodium

You can use this version to replace salsa in any dish and to add a whole new dimension of flavor. It's perfect over a mildly seasoned white fish such as halibut. It also can complement guacamole or any Mexican dish.

Quick Turkey Soup
Low Fat

180 cal22g carbs3g fat330mg sodium

(NOTE: Used low sodium chicken broth, did not add salt to the brown rice, light meat no skin roasted chicken, from fresh)

Tofu Scramble
Low Carb

170 cal12g carbs9g fat230mg sodium

Tofu is a good alternative to eggs for breakfast.

Turkey Meatloaf
Low Carb

217.3 cal6.1g carbs11.1g fat420mg sodium

this recipe requires little preparation time but needs an hour to bake. It is simple enough to prepare in the morning and throw in the oven as soon as you get home from work.

"Peanut" Sauce
Low Carb

156.8 cal5.1g carbs15.2g fat90mg sodium

Peanut sauce is a favorite accompaniment with Thai dishes such as salad rolls and sate skewers. Using almonds instead of peanuts loses none of the savory goodness. Red curry past and fish sauce are available in Asian groceries or in the Asian aisle of most supermarkets.

Broccoli and Olive Frittata

250 cal20g carbs13g fat360mg sodium

This is a great-tasting, crustless alternative to quiche.

Garlic Bean Salad
Low Carb

101.1 cal8.8g carbs7.2g fat10mg sodium

Italian Carrot Salad
Low Carb

116.4 cal12.5g carbs7.3g fat40mg sodium

This salad complements any dinner or tastes great as a mid-afternoon snack.

Basil Pesto
Very Low Carb

330.6 cal4.1g carbs35.1g fat147mg sodium

This versatile pesto can be used on rice crackers, on non wheat pasta, in egg dishes, in salads, or with anything else your taste buds can dream up. Spread it on a spelt pizza crust, or substitute it in any dish that calls for a tomato-based marinara sauce. You can double or triple the recipe and freeze the pesto in jars for future use.

Easy Pancakes
Low Sodium

360 cal25g carbs22g fat110mg sodium

These pancakes, which have a delicious nutty flavor, offer a high amount of fiber and can be made with virtually no flour.(NOTE: blueberries are included in the analysis)

Hearty Healthy Cookies

186.8 cal19.2g carbs11.5g fat175mg sodium

These cookies have a great flavor and a lot of fiber

Stuffed Grape Leaves (Dolmades)
Low Carb

131.8 cal14.6g carbs8g fat160mg sodium

If you like lemony, tangy, and creative, this is your appetizer.

Avocado Tuna Salad
Very Low Carb

222.7 cal4.9g carbs9.2g fat387mg sodium

Try this salad when you want a nutritious, tasty lunch and don't have much time for preparation.

Cream of Carrot and Ginger Soup

289.9 cal25g carbs19.8g fat418mg sodium

If you didn't know, you wouldn't guess that this soup contains no dairy. It is so creamy that it can satisfy those urges you sometimes get when dairy is not an option. This is a favorite for all ages.

Delicious Green Beans with Garlic
Low Carb

92.5 cal12g carbs4.7g fat343mg sodium

It is easy, quick, and always a crowd pleaser.

Low Sodium

400 cal40g carbs25g fat10mg sodium

This simple-to-make version of an old favorite allows you to avoid the additives and hydrogenated oils that are found in most commercially processed granola.

Quick Sherbet
Low Carb

46.1 cal11.2g carbs0.3g fat8mg sodium

The recipe may seem similar to a smoothie, but it really does come out like sherbet.

Salad Rolls
Low Carb

143.8 cal11.4g carbs6.9g fat130mg sodium

A favorite at Southeast Asian restaurants, such as those serving Thai or Vietnamese cuisine, salad rolls are deceptively simple to make.

Seared Tuna Over Raw Vegetables
Low Carb

195.3 cal6.8g carbs5.6g fat580mg sodium

Many fish lovers agree that the best way to enjoy high-quality tuna is served rare. However, if you have a difficult time eating partially raw fish, you can bake or sear the tuna for this recipe until it is cooked all the way through.

Simple Stir Fry
Low Carb

112.8 cal11g carbs7g fat548mg sodium

This is the easiest, most basic stir-fry you can fix. If you feel like experimenting with the foods in your refrigerator, this is a great place to start.

Sweet Potato Soup

125 cal20.4g carbs4.1g fat337mg sodium

This is a great soup to make ahead of time and freeze in portion sizes for later use.

Blackened Salmon
Very Low Carb

201.2 cal4.1g carbs9g fat884mg sodium

Blackened salmon is always a hit. Vary the level of spice depending on who will be joining you for dinner.

Okra and Tomato Curry (Bhindi)
Low Carb

74 cal15g carbs2g fat350mg sodium

Butter Chicken (Makhani Murgh)
Low Carb

142 cal7g carbs4g fat270mg sodium

Cucumber Yogurt (Raita)
Very Low Carb

20 cal3g carbs0g fat100mg sodium

Low-Fat Cheese (Paneer)
Very Low Carb

58 cal1g carbs2g fat10mg sodium

Mixed Vegetable Curry with Cheese (Paneer Bhurji)
Low Carb

101 cal10g carbs2g fat300mg sodium

Red Kidney Bean Curry (Rajma)

138 cal19g carbs5g fat400mg sodium

Red Lentil Curry (Masoor Dahl)
Low Fat

141 cal24g carbs2g fat300mg sodium

Chickpea Rice (Channa Chawal)
Low Fat

175 cal32g carbs3g fat270mg sodium

Whole Wheat and Gram Flour Flat Bread (Besan Roti)

130 cal21g carbs4g fat210mg sodium

(NOTE: used low sodium baking powder)

Banana Fingers
Low Fat

132 cal29g carbs2g fat150mg sodium

Chocolate Cookie Crust

180 cal23g carbs9g fat180mg sodium

Chocolate Yogurt Pops
Low Carb

66 cal10g carbs0g fat132mg sodium

Clown Party Dip
Very Low Carb

37 cal4g carbs0g fat130mg sodium

Curried Snack Mix
Low Carb

72 cal12g carbs2g fat144mg sodium

Curry and Worcestershire sauce spice up rice cakes, pretzels, and corn cereal in this low-fat snack mix. Curry powder is actually a mix of up to 20 spices including: cardamom, ginger, fenugreek, chilies, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin fennel seeds and turmeric. Curry powder can have more spices added to the mixture to suit the tastes of a particular individual.

Frozen Bananas
Low Fat

106 cal25g carbs0g fat75mg sodium

Sweet ripe bananas cut in half and inserted onto a wooden stick, then spread with vanilla yogurt and rolled in Grape Nuts cereal. Eaten frozen.

Peanut-Butter Squares
Low Carb

108 cal14g carbs4g fat148mg sodium

Orange Oat Bars
Low Carb

47 cal7g carbs

Quick cooking oatmeal with orange juice, oat bran and granualted sugar replacement and fructose sweetening without the use of cane sugar.

Strawberry Fruit Pie
Low Carb

40 cal7g carbs0g fat57mg sodium

A simple strawberry pie using strawberry flavor sugar free gelatin dessert, ice cubes, fresh strawberries. Very strawberry and VERY good.

Applesauce Brownies
Low Carb

116 cal15g carbs6g fat60mg sodium

Olive oil adds only the good fat while the use of unsweetened applesauce and cocoa powder keeps sugar content down while natural honey sweetens these brownies perfectly.

Blueberry Crumble

164 cal26g carbs6g fat159mg sodium

A very simple to make dessert sweetened by the fresh blueberries, which also makes it very healthful! A graham crust filled with the berries and seasoned with cinnamon.

Corny Cookies

280 cal26g carbs16g fat

These cookies contain uncooked cornstarch, which is absorbed slowly by the body. They might help prevent nighttime hypoglycemia.

Old-Fashioned Ice-Box Cookies
Very Low Carb

42 cal4g carbs

These truly do taste much like Old-Fashioned Ice-Box Cookies only with a lot less sugar. Pecans add a nice crunch.

Jumbo Fruited Oatmeal Cookies

209 cal24g carbs11g fat240mg sodium

Nice and spicy with cinnamon and allspice and packed with healthy oats, dried mixed fruit and chopped nuts.

Buttermilk Brownies
Very Low Carb

51 cal4g carbs

Granulated fructose and sugar substitute sweeten these tasty buttermilk bars while a bit of unsweetened baking cocoa gives them a nice chocolate flavor.

Lemon Cream
Low Carb

107 cal15g carbs4g fat37mg sodium

This light, airy lemon cream is the ultimate in elegant desserts and is surprisingly easy to make. This tangy lemon dessert holds its shape with the help of gelatin, eggs, and light whipped topping.

Peach Crumble
Low Sodium

161 cal29g carbs5g fat50mg sodium

Peaches with wonderful spices and the added zing of almond flavored liqueur make this delicious Peach Crumble Diabetic dessert.

Apple Walnut Bread Pudding

130 cal17g carbs5g fat190mg sodium

Apples and walnuts pair up to flavor up this bread pudding made with low-fat milk, egg substitute and sugar-free vanilla pudding and pie filling.

English Muffin Cheese Pizza
Low Carb

115 cal15g carbs3g fat210mg sodium

Frozen Grape Pops
Low Fat

118 cal28g carbs0g fat47mg sodium

Maple Cookies
Very Low Carb

44 cal5g carbs2g fat50mg sodium

Tasty maple flavored cookies made with sour cream, shredded apple, maple flavoring and vanilla extract and sweetened with brown sugar sweetener substitute.

Orange Cranberry Cookies
Low Carb

66 cal7g carbs4g fat40mg sodium

Orange juice concentrate and orange peel team up with dried cranberries to make these tasty, holiday worthy cookies. Optional walnuts lend a nice crunch.

Shortbread Cookies

141 cal18g carbs6g fat191mg sodium

Tasty shortbread cookies made with reduced calorie margarine and sugar subsitute. Butter flavoring replaces real butter so they have that wonderful buttery taste shortbread is known for.

Sugar-Free Fudge Brownies
Low Carb

99 cal9g carbs7g fat10mg sodium

Best Pineapple Cheesecake

190 cal24g carbs8g fat212mg sodium

Just enough butter, along with butter flavored cooking spray, flavors a tasty graham crust filled with a wonderful, creamy, pineapple-rich flavor with ingredients that may surprise you.

Chewy Coconut Bars
Low Carb

126 cal10g carbs9g fat140mg sodium

Packed with flavor, these coconut bars lend nutrition in a sweet treat. Maple flavoring, unsweetened coconut, raisins and optional chopped walnuts are the stars of these bars.

Raspberry Almond Bars
Low Carb

116 cal15g carbs6g fat59mg sodium

You don't need to worry whether raspberries are in season for these bars as the recipe uses seedless raspberry spreadable fruit. Add the walnuts or pecans for a nice nutty crunch.

Graham Muffins
Low Sodium

171 cal20g carbs9g fat130mg sodium

Finely crushed grahams act as part of the flour in these delicious muffins. Chopped pecans add crunch and nutrition.

Hearty Italian-Style Soup
Low Fat

173 cal25g carbs2g fat539mg sodium

Reduced sodium broth with garlic, pepper, kidney beans, lean chicken or beef, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, carrot, celery, onion parsly and of course, Italian seasoning.

New York Cheesecake
Low Carb

158 cal10g carbs10g fat234mg sodium

Tastes so much like the real thing! Sugar is reduced with the use of artificial sweetener and fat is greatly reduced by using reduced fat cream cheese and sour cream. Top with fresh fruit if desired.

Pecan Pie
Low Sodium

211 cal28g carbs9g fat69mg sodium

Pepper-Potato Barley
Low Fat

147 cal29g carbs2.8g fat10mg sodium

Barley isn't just for soup anymore. This grain makes an excellent choice as the starring ingredient in main courses, side dishes, breakfast fare and more. In addition to its versatility, barley is a nutritious food that is high in fiber and low in fat.

Raisin Sesame Cookies
Low Carb

82 cal12g carbs4g fat80mg sodium

Apple Slaw with Poppy Seed Dressing
Low Fat

94 cal21g carbs1g fat34mg sodium

Basil Chicken Soup

237 cal19g carbs5.1g fat168mg sodium

A warm and satisfying chicken soup made with low sodium chicken broth, onion, garlic, potatoes, chicken and lots of fresh basil and jarlsberg cheese.

Broccoli and Bean Dip
Low Carb

56 cal7g carbs2g fat100mg sodium

A delicious dip for vegetables, packed with garlic flavor, broccoli florets, cannellini beans and flavored with lemon, green onion, red pepper flakes, salt and black pepper.

Caesar Dressing
Very Low Carb

15 cal2g carbs0.6g fat

Non fat yogurt and light or non fat mayonnaise lighten up this tasty dressing while Worcestershire adds just the right zing. Seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Chocolate Mocha Cream Roll
Low Carb

94 cal9g carbs3g fat

First you bake up a delicious mocha flavored jelly roll, then fill and roll it with a filling made with whipped cream instant coffee, skim milk, vanilla and chocolate extracts and sweetener. Delicious!

Chocolate Popcorn
Low Fat

91 cal18g carbs1g fat80mg sodium

Creamy Garlic Dressing
Very Low Carb

11 cal2g carbs50mg sodium

A very creamy, garlic dressing made with evaporated skim milk, lemon juice, dill, apple juice, paprika, white pepper, sesame oil and a dash of red cayenne pepper.

Crispy Orange Roughy
Low Fat

186 cal17g carbs2g fat328mg sodium

If you are fond of crispy fried fish, this flavorful alternative will convert you to light eating.

Cucumber Cups
Very Low Carb

32 cal2g carbs2g fat51mg sodium

Reduced fat cream cheese and light or fat free mayonnaise keep the fat out while adding a nice creamy texture. Horseradish and parsley or dill sprigs jazz these up.

Frozen Strawberry Pops
Low Carb

49 cal12g carbs0g fat3mg sodium

Green Split Pea and Barley Soup
Low Fat

152 cal21g carbs1.3g fat31mg sodium

Split peas, carrots, celery, onion and pearl barley in a chicken or vegetable stock flavored with bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste, garlic and fresh dill.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Corn-Pepper Relish
Low Carb

140 cal13g carbs2g fat530mg sodium

This low fat , healthy and satisfying main dish serves up a good source of vitamins A and C along with the corn and red peppers.

Mini Raspberry Mousse Parfaits
Low Sodium

143 cal24g carbs4g fat29mg sodium

Sweet, tart and delicious, this elegant recipe is the perfect finish to a special meal. The parfaits can be made ahead for easy entertaining.

Pork Tenderloin Supreme
Very Low Carb

129 cal4g carbs5g fat251mg sodium

Cook up tender pork tenderloin with tomato soup and onion mix. Delicious.

Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce
Very Low Carb

45 cal5g carbs3g fat

Skim milk keeps the fat out of this sauce while Dutch process or unsweetened cocoa gives a rich, bittersweet chocolate flavor.

Apple Cabbage Slaw
Low Carb

50 cal11g carbs0g fat170mg sodium

Plain low fat yogurt gives this slaw its creaminess instead of high fat dressing, which vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper and a sweet apple give it loads of crunchy flavor. (NOTE: Used green shredded cabbage)

Apple-Walnut Muffins

199 cal25g carbs9g fat183mg sodium

Beef Vegetable Soup
Low Carb

106 cal8.6g carbs2.5g fat310mg sodium

A delicious, hearty beef vegetable soup with preparation time simplified by the use of canned stewed tomatoes, onion soup mix and frozen mixed vegetables.

Chocolate Dipped Oatmeal Cookies
Low Sodium

140 cal18g carbs8g fat70mg sodium

These are as appealing in looks as they are in taste with their cinnamon and oatmeal goodness and half of each cookie dipped in melted chocolate.

Pesto Potatoes
Low Fat

134 cal24g carbs2g fat45mg sodium

A surefire dinner favorite, these mashed potatoes are lightened with fat free cream cheese and a homemade, lower fat pesto featuring basil and spinach.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

200 cal30g carbs7g fat230mg sodium

A favorite flavor combination in a diabetic friendly muffin with healthful oatmeal, cinnamon spice and a touch of molasses. Delicious start to any day. And remember, cinnamon is thought to help insulin! (NOTE: used all purpose flour, sugar used for granulated sweetener, low sodium baking powder)

Applesauce Raisin Drops
Low Carb

82 cal12g carbs4g fat80mg sodium

Bacon Spaghetti Squash
Low Carb

82 cal7g carbs4g fat370mg sodium

Cook up some nice, lean bacon crisp, use fat free evaporated milk, egg substitute, add some Parmesan, season and presto - a fantastic spaghetti squash guilt free!

Best Ever Coleslaw
Low Carb

53 cal10g carbs1g fat224mg sodium

Why the best ever? First because it is packed with heathful ingredients and second, it is very creamy and seasoned to zesty perfection.

Cran-Orange Oat Muffins
Low Sodium

200 cal39g carbs4g fat110mg sodium

Dried ground orange rind with whole cranberry sauce, orange or tangerine juice, apple juice, all fruit marmalade and thin rolled oats make up these tasty oat muffins packed with nutrients. (NOTE: used low sodium baking powder, lite salt and orange juice concentrate)

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

297 cal28g carbs10g fat630mg sodium

A comforting favorite, Macaroni and Cheese, this Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Diabetic Recipe makes it even better for your diabetic diet needs.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Low Sodium

140 cal26g carbs3.5g fat140mg sodium

Herb and Mustard Dressing
Very Low Carb

45 cal4g carbs3g fat30mg sodium

Use balsamic or cider vinegar and mix with Dijon mustard, olive oil, basil, thyme, rosemary and one small clove garlic to create this delicious dressing.

Hot Merry Cherry Punch
Low Fat

71 cal17g carbs0g fat5mg sodium

Cherry juice with a small bit of cane sugar, juice and peel of a lemon and spiced nice with cloves and cinnamon. Garnish with a lemon slice if desired.

Linguine with Red Pepper Sauce
Low Fat

117 cal22.2g carbs1.5g fat50mg sodium

Quick Minestrone
Low Fat

122 cal17g carbs2.4g fat871mg sodium

Lean ham pieces, tomatoes, carrot, celery, zucchini, garlic, parsley, bay leaf, thyme leaves, marjoram, basil and pepper in a base of onion soup with broken spaghetti and cannellini beans. Top with Paremsan if desired.

Veal Meatballs
Low Carb

172 cal14g carbs6g fat590mg sodium

Ground veal with onion, garlic, red bell pepper, Parmesan, chili sauce or ketchup, basil, chili powder and tomato sauce.

Vegetable-Filled Burgers

257 cal24g carbs9g fat409mg sodium

No meat in this wholesome Vegetable-Filled Burgers Diabetic Recipe that turns out some pretty good vegetable burgers!

Warm Chicken Salad
Low Carb

212 cal13g carbs11g fat440mg sodium

Tender chicken with celery, mayonnaise, almonds, pepper, onion, pimiento and Swiss cheese topped with reduced-fat potato chips.

Raspberry Sangria
Low Carb

160 cal10g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

Pureed raspberries give this sangria an extra fruity new twist. Champagne or sparkling mineral water can be substituted for the white wine.

Mustard Mushroom Vinaigrette
Very Low Carb

47 cal1g carbs5g fat60mg sodium

Extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar with white mushrooms, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt and pepper.

Orange Chocolate Chip Bread
Low Fat

120 cal20g carbs3g fat260mg sodium

This makes a tender and light quick bread with reduced calorie baking mix, skim milk, fresh orange juice, grated orange peel, sugar substitute and semi sweet chocolate chips.

Strawberry Sauce
Very Low Carb

12 cal3g carbs0g fat

Three simple ingredients for this versatile strawberry sauce: Frozen unsweetened strawberries, lemon juice and sweetener.

Zucchini Lemon Bread
Low Carb

122 cal15g carbs6g fat206mg sodium

An all time favorite of many! Zucchini with walnuts and grated lemon zest seasoned with cinnamon in this healthful bread. Whole wheat flour adds nutrients, skim milk and egg substitute lower fat significantly.

Blushing Hot Spiced Cider
Low Fat

65 cal16g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

The blush in this fantastic hot spiced cider comes from cranberry juice cocktail. Spiced with cloves, allspice berries and cinnamon. Delicious! This beverage will keep your insides warm all fall and winter long.

Low Carb

60 cal7g carbs2.5g fat30mg sodium

A very simple and basic crepe recipe. Whip these up and fill with your favorite fruit filling. (NOTE: used 1% milk)

Low Carb

79 cal10g carbs1g fat

This makes a pretty festive and original eggnog but replaces sugar with measurable sweetener and full fat milk with skim.

Maple Banana Blast
Low Fat

120 cal28g carbs0.5g fat50mg sodium

Bananas are broken in half and partially frozen then placed into a blender with sweetener, maple syrup, skim milk, yogurt, vanilla extract and ice cubes. Blend and enjoy.

Chick Pea and Vegetable Salad

224 cal24g carbs7g fat286mg sodium

This salad is packed with fiber, beta carotene, vitamin C and protein. It is a great alternative to the tiresome sandwich in your lunch box!

Peach Sauce
Low Carb

50 cal13g carbs0g fat0mg sodium

This sauce provides a healthier and tastier alternative to pancake syrup. It's also wonderful using blueberries! (NOTE: used fresh peaches in the analysis)

Chicken Tacos

408 cal28g carbs16g fat685mg sodium

Pear and Apple Sauce
Low Fat

95 cal21g carbs2g fat1mg sodium

Fresh Fruit Clafouti
Low Fat

92 cal17g carbs1g fat92mg sodium

Kaese Blintzes (Rolled Cheese Pancakes)

500 cal48g carbs17g fat250mg sodium

(NOTE: pot cheese, all purpose flour, 1% milk, tub margarine, 8 oz container of plain low-fat yogurt and 1 tsp canola oil used)

Turkey Divan

300 cal22.9g carbs4.2g fat566mg sodium

Bean Burgers
Low Fat

122 cal19g carbs3g fat490mg sodium

Creamy Cantaloupe
Low Carb

64 cal11g carbs2g fat37mg sodium

Orange Cheesecake
Low Carb

124 cal12g carbs4g fat

Potatoes and Beans
Low Sodium

129 cal16g carbs7g fat105mg sodium

Oatmeal-Banana Muffins
Low Sodium

190 cal31g carbs5g fat20mg sodium

Made with whole wheat flour, these banana muffins are packed with nutrients along with their delicious flavor. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. (NOTE: used low sodium baking powder, 1% milk, sunflower seeds without salt)

Cheesecake Dainties
Very Low Carb

70 cal4g carbs6g fat50mg sodium

Yogurt Popsicles
Low Sodium

126 cal24g carbs100mg sodium

Dilled-Ranch Popcorn
Low Carb

71 cal15g carbs1g fat250mg sodium

Cheesy Baked Eggplant
Low Carb

150 cal15g carbs6g fat810mg sodium

A serving of this Cheesy Baked Eggplant provides an excellent source of calcium from the mozzarella cheese and a good source of vitamins A and C from the tomatoes. It is also low in cholesterol.

Marvelous Bran Muffins
Low Sodium

140 cal24g carbs4g fat110mg sodium

(NOTE: used canola oil for vegetable oil, packed brown sugar and low sodium baking powder)

Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
Very Low Carb

51 cal5g carbs0g fat229mg sodium

Russian-Style Tea
Very Low Carb

18 cal4g carbs0g fat16mg sodium

Creamy Tapioca Pudding
Low Fat

100 cal16g carbs1g fat150mg sodium

Chilled Potato Soup
Low Carb

68 cal14g carbs5g fat599mg sodium

Animal Crackers
Low Carb

122 cal15g carbs6g fat182mg sodium

Applesauce Cinnamon Muffins

200 cal30g carbs7g fat230mg sodium

(NOTE: low sodium baking powder, canola oil and chopped walnuts used in the analysis)

Red Cabbage with Apples
Low Fat

85 cal18g carbs2g fat35mg sodium

Tropical Snack Cake
Low Fat

140 cal26g carbs3g fat250mg sodium

Up-and-Down Biscuits
Low Sodium

120 cal18g carbs4.5g fat60mg sodium

(NOTE: enriched all purpose flour, low sodium baking powder, vegetable shortening used in analysis, sugar, and cinnamon not included)

Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins
Low Fat

180 cal40g carbs1.5g fat190mg sodium

(NOTE: used reduced fat buttermilk and unsweetened frozen blueberries)

Nacho Popcorn
Very Low Carb

45 cal2g carbs1g fat10mg sodium

Cranberry Lime Margarita Punch
Low Fat

87 cal23g carbs0g fat9mg sodium

Spicy Chicken Rice Soup
Low Fat

135 cal17g carbs3g fat100mg sodium

Lemon Pound Cake with Strawberries

180 cal28g carbs6g fat264mg sodium

Snacking Granola
Low Fat

113 cal17g carbs2g fat23mg sodium

Cranberry Cracker Spread
Very Low Carb

13 cal2g carbs30mg sodium

Broccoli with Black Olives
Low Carb

80 cal8g carbs4.5g fat240mg sodium

Enhance your meal with this broccoli side dish that is rich in vitamins A and C.

Cool `n Creamy Beet Soup
Low Fat

97 cal18g carbs1g fat591mg sodium

German Apple Cake

120 cal16g carbs5g fat230mg sodium

Pickled Carrots
Low Carb

28 cal6g carbs20mg sodium

Pickle your own baby carrots! These are delicious with the additions of dried dill weed and mustard seed. The solution is made of cider vinegar, pickling spices and whole black peppercorns.

Deep Chocolate Coconut Balls
Very Low Carb

33 cal3g carbs

Plan ahead...needs to chill at least two hours.

Brownie Sunday Pie

150 cal28g carbs4g fat160mg sodium

A very tasty pie, lightened up in fat and sugars but not flavor. European style unsweetened cocoa powder gives this an extra special chocolate flavor.

Bittersweet Chocolate Torte
Low Carb

139 cal11g carbs11g fat110mg sodium

Sometimes chocolate is best when its left bittersweet, and this recipe is one of those times! Rich chocolate flavor with an equally rich Chocolate Glaze topping.

Ants on a Log
Low Carb

69 cal6g carbs4g fat90mg sodium

Green Beans and Fennel
Low Carb

67 cal10g carbs3g fat120mg sodium

Chopped, fresh fennel offers the delightful crunch of celery, but with a subtle licorice flavor. To crush fennel seeds, place them on a cutting board, then roll over them with a rolling pin.

Maple Glazed Squash
Low Sodium

228 cal21g carbs8g fat41mg sodium

Acorn squash baked tender then cooked with apple, raisins and walnuts. Maple syrup is added at the end of cooking time for the finishing touch.

Mulled Rosy Cider
Low Carb

39 cal11g carbs0g fat0mg sodium

A deliciously warm and inviting cider with apple juice, grenadine, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and lemon and orange zests for a citrus flair.

Easy Carrot Cake

155 cal20g carbs8g fat204mg sodium

Don`t let the long list of ingredients scare you! This is truly easy to make with pre-shredded organic carrots and lots of on-hand spices most of us keep in our cupboards.


30 cal

Roasted Red Pepper Dip
Very Low Carb

5.9 cal0.3g carbs4g fat10mg sodium

Chilled Tomato Soup

143 cal19g carbs8g fat