Scientific studies have often shown that excess body weight can negatively affect our life expectancy. But, no studies had been done to quantify the actual number of years one would lose due to excess weight. A recent study, however, sought to put a number to the damage.

The conclusion?

Overweight individuals may shorten their life expectancy by eight years. Moreover, additional medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, could arise, possibly resulting in health difficulties lasting up to twenty years.

“What may be interesting for patients are the ‘what if’ questions. What if they lose 10 to 15 pounds? Or, what if they are more active? How will this change the numbers?” says Dr. Steven Grover, clinical epidemiologist at the RI-MUHC and lead author of the study.

The next few years will be used as a trial period for a web-based program spurred on from this study. The program will assist people with the necessary lifestyle modifications in hopes of adding years back to their life expectancy.

Studies such as this one can be unsettling, yet also beneficial to obese individuals in understanding they need to make lifestyle changes in order to live longer.

Source: Nutraceuticals World