New Findings: Diabetics Do Better After Colon Cancer Surgery
By Mike Boyle

According to new findings published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, people with diabetes did much better after colon cancer surgery than people without the disease.

Lead researcher on the study, Dr. Geoffrey C. Nguyen of the University of Toronto, told Reuters, "We were really expecting to find the opposite."

The researchers looked at records for nearly 219,000 people who had colon cancer surgery at U.S. hospitals between 1995 and 2005. They concluded that in patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery, "those with diabetes had a 23% lower mortality and fewer postoperative complications compared to non-diabetics."

Read more on Dr. Nguyen`s research from Reuters here, and read a brief summary of the researchers` work, titled "Impact of Diabetes on Postoperative Outcomes Following Colon Cancer Surgery," here.


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Originally posted April 15, 2010.