In a recently issued press release, describes itself as "a website dedicated to helping people get real information about nutritional supplements." Additionally, they say they have "just released a free ebook on supplements for diabetics. The guide provides information on nutritional supplements that may help diabetics control blood sugar."

More from the press release:

"Diabetes affects over two hundred million people worldwide, leading to such serious medical conditions as neuropathy, vision problems, and major damage to organs. As a result, diabetics are in a constant battle to keep their blood sugar controlled, and many supplement manufacturers offer alleged treatments for this purpose.

"There are some promising nutritional supplements for the diabetic; some can lower blood sugar, and some can increase insulin sensitivity. However, there are quite a few myths that are floating around concerning some popular supplements, such as magnesium and chromium. A lot of hype surrounds these supplements, and some of it has a core seed of truth and some does not.

"The free guide at from breaks down the evidence for and against the main supplements for controlling blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity. Some of these may be of use to diabetics, and others may be dangerous. Diabetics should always exercise caution when taking supplements that can alter metabolism, as it may affect how much insulin they need."

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Source: Press Release

Originally posted by on April 28, 2011.