New Source of Information on Financial Assistance for Diabetics
Source: Press Release

NeedyMeds, the national non-profit, recently announced the addition of a newly created diabetes resource page. The resource page provides information on diabetes and includes links to nonprofit patient oriented groups that offer education, research, support and advocacy. In addition, the page lists financial resources that help with the cost of the drugs used to treat diabetes, free clinics, and programs that provide other types of financial assistance.

Twenty-four patient assistance programs are listed that offer free or low cost glucose meters, testing strips, insulin and other medications used to treat diabetes. Additionally, a dozen organizations that provide assistance with other related diabetic needs are listed.

Established in 1997, NeedyMeds is a Massachusetts-based 501 (c) 3 national nonprofit, which provides comprehensive and reliable sources of information on assistance available for people having difficulties paying for their medications or health care.

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Originally posted by on July 28, 2010.