T2 Diabetics Eye Weight Loss Surgery To Control Blood Sugar
By Mike Boyle

Researchers in recent years have been looking closely at gastric bypass surgery as form of type 2 diabetes management. What they have found is that after the weight loss surgery many obese patients had normal blood sugar and no longer needed medications.

However, some experts have questioned whether achieving normal blood sugar is enough to justify undertaking such a major weight management surgery. They claim there is simply not enough research yet to confirm that gastric bypass surgery will permanently control blood sugar to the point that it reduces a person`s risk of type 2 diabetes complications, which could include nerve, kidney and foot damage.

Experts agree that gastric bypass should be a last resort after traditional methods such as proper diet and exercise have failed to control weight loss for morbidly obese individuals. And in the end if surgery is elected, there are strict rules and physical and psychological tests that are given to patients before they are allowed to undergo a gastric bypass surgery.

The Federal government has guidelines for gastric bypass surgery, which include: a patient`s body mass index (BMI) must be over 40 (considered morbidly obese), or have a BMI over 35 plus a weight-related medical problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

The American Diabetes Association says that there is currently not enough research backing the success of gastric bypass surgery to recommend it for diabetics with a BMI lower than 35 outside of a controlled, experimental environment.

Dr. Philip Schauer of the Cleveland Clinic is a doctor who will consider doing gastric bypass surgery as a weight management technique on people who do not meet the aforementioned federal guidelines. He is currently conducting a study where he`s recruited 150 overweight and obese type 2 diabetics with BMIs between 27 and 43. As reported recently by the Associated Press and USA Today, some participants in Schauer`s study will have surgery and their progress will be compared to those who manage their diabetes with medicine. The goal is to see which group can achieve complete remission.

Learn more about gastric bypass surgery from the Mayo Clinic.

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Originally posted July 12, 2010.