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    in morning my blood sugar drops to 74 then I eat goes to 176 but I don't have diabetes it goes up and low all-day I get weak and headaches ,I do have lupus
  • Clara Schneider, MS, RD, RN, CDE, LDN PROFESSIONAL
    Hello, Please call your physician to get an evaluation and a diagnosis. You might want to ask for the doctor to confirm your blood glucose levels. He/She would be able to tell you if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. You should also ask to see a dietitian in your area to plan a diet so you have carbohydrates spread throughout the day (never a huge amount at any time). The dietitian would be able to look at all your medical conditions and plan the diet that is correct for you. Please tell us how you make out. Clara Schneider MS,RD,RN,CDE,LDN