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New medications for diabetes

  • kidanapatel ORIGINAL POSTER
    I was told that there are some new medications for diabetes like victoza and byetta that can control sugar and help people loose weight. What are the name or names of these medications. Are they better than vicotza?
  • Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, Pharm.D, CDE PROFESSIONAL
    There are many formulations similar to Victoza, which are taken daily, on the market today. Byetta taken twice daily, Bydureon taken once weekly, and Tanzeum taken once weekly. Tanzeum came on the market this year. Bydureon and Tanzeum have shown to be very similar to Victoza with regard to reducing blood sugar. Studies reported that patients experienced less nausea and diarrhea when taking other products compared to Victoza. I believe that Bydureon and Tanzeum provide an opportunity for patients to inject a medication once weekly as opposed to daily.