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To protect my mother from the worst effect of the diabetes

    Respected Sir, My mother is of 42-43 years age and she if affected by Blood Sugar, kindly suggest me the best medicines, diet, fruits & Dry-fruit to maintain her health. She is also affected by the high blood pressure. She is getting her treatment from our Local Doctor since last 5 month and still taking the medicines. So kindly advice for the sake of good health of my mom. Waiting for your response. Thank you!
  • Clara Schneider, MS, RD, RN, CDE, LDN PROFESSIONAL
    Hello, does not give individual advice for the best medication and meal plan for patients. All people must be seen by their individual physicians so the best medical advise can be given. We have general information on diabetes available on our website. Go to: to read about newly diagnosed diabetes. Ask your mothers doctor for a recommendation of a dietitian to help with your mothers meal plan. Please let us know how she makes out. Clara Schneider MS,RD,RN,CDE,LDN