Andrew Stivelman has type 2 diabetes and will be writing about diabetes technology including apps and devices and how they can help people with diabetes. Read My Bio

Andrew Stivelman, a T2 diabetic since 2001 and successfully on pump therapy since 2012, was born in The Netherlands, grew up in NYC and now resides permanently in Toronto. Andrew works full-time as a technical writer for a software company. He is passionate about diabetes care, particularly how the avenues for obtaining information through social media, diabetes-related websites, YouTube video tutorials and the Internet in general have changed the way that people can manage their diabetes like never before. Andrew enjoys taking advantage of the numerous resources in the "City of Banting and Best" by participating in discussions, attending symposia and fundraising for diabetes organizations. He is also a classical pianist and published translator. Andrew can be reached via email at, or on Twitter at @Diabeartes.

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