at-peace-with-diabetesIt’s easy to hate diabetes. And it’s easy to be frustrated with the tasks of managing diabetes. It’s easy to get angry when the numbers don’t fall where we want them.

But there’s another way to approach living with diabetes. Rather than getting angry, frustrated and full of hate, we can find peace. If diabetes is part of us, and we like ourselves, then there must be something about diabetes that we can accept.

Does diabetes make us more self-aware? More open to meeting others? Better at math? More in touch with our bodies, science, and healthcare? Does it help us to advocate for ourselves and others? Has it turned us into writers, videographers, healthcare professionals, technology developers, artists, or activists?

If we dig deep enough, we just might find something about diabetes that has brought peace to our lives. And then we might be able to make peace with diabetes. And that might even help us live better with it. I’m wishing everyone a peaceful diabetes experience (even with the ups and downs).

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