Many of us with diabetes worry about the long-term effects of low blood glucose (hypoglyemia) on our brain cells. There is evidence that severe lows can have an effect on the brain. But what about repeated mild or moderate lows? So far those don’t seem to be a problem.

So if I can’t blame my poor memory on low blood glucose over the past 38 years, what’s my problem? I used to have an amazing memory, and I can still pull up random information from years ago, or obscure details, or useless facts. But ask me what we talked about five minutes ago, and forget it! I realize that it’s partially due to having too much going on (I like to call it “Mom Brain”). I have a friend who explains it as our brains sorting out what’s important and getting rid of the rest, because we only have so much space for years and years worth of information.

And then today I read about how hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) might cause memory loss. What? Once again, further support for “closing the gap” and keeping blood glucose levels within our targets.

I’ve probably written about memory and diabetes before, but I can’t remember...

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