stressed-on-the-phoneOne of the downsides about becoming an adult is taking over prescriptions and coordinating with suppliers about ensuring I get my supplies on time and sent to the correct address. Recently, I had a very trying experience with Dexcom when I did not receive my two month's worth of supplies on time. In the past, I have had to call Dexcom two or three times to make sure they were (a.) shipping the supplies on the correct date and (b.) shipping the supplies to the correct address.

After having a shipment sent to my old Iowa City address--even after calling twice to update my address--I now always call Dexcom when I notice my supplies are running low so I don’t have to go a week or two without my continuous glucose monitor. In my experience, I have never had to call a company to ensure they would ship supplies. The problem typically tends to run with my insurance company not covering a certain product anymore, but that is a completely different issue for another article. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitor and I would prefer not to find an alternative. However, the many customer service experiences I have had with the company are causing me a great deal of frustration.

A major concern I have with the company is that none of the customer service individuals I spoke to knew who my account representative was. I spoke to three different individuals who all told me different people were assigned to my customer account and referred me to those individuals. When I called each of the referred individuals, they seemed clueless as to who I was and what I needed and not one of them had the authorization to approve a shipment.

After the fourth time speaking with another seemingly cheery individual who assured me they would call me back concerning my latest shipment, I crafted an email to Dexcom detailing my frustrations and essentially saying I should not have to call multiple individuals when I am on a plan where my supplies should be shipped automatically every 84 days. Here is the company's reply:

Hi Mary,

I sincerely apologize for your negative experience with us. We are in the process of onboarding many new employees. Currently the reorder specialist for your area is XXXX. You can reach her directly at XXX_-XXX-XXXX. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Again I am sorry for your recent experience we are actively working to address this issue.

Thank you for your understanding as we grow.

When my blood sugar levels are all over the place, I find it hard to be understanding that the company is going through a transitional phase. I have become very dependent on the device as many people with diabetes can say about their devices. Additionally, it seems as if the company’s technological system should list who is on my account or just send me supplies since I am on the automatic shipment plan. I am technologically inept, but every other supplier can send my supplies in a timely manner, so I am not sure why Dexcom can’t seem to get it right.

A relative once told me when dealing with customer service, you get a lot further when you are kind to the customer service individual rather than voicing your frustrations in a rude manner. To be fair, every customer service Dexcom employee was nothing but kind, and they seemed to genuinely care that I did not have my much-needed supplies. I honestly wanted one of them to be slightly rude so I could vent my anger and feel justified doing so. However, this was not the case and I commend the company for hiring individuals who express sympathy for my situation. From my various encounters in the last month or so, the problem appears to lay more in a lack of communication rather than disinterest of the employees.  I did lose my cool once when a customer service individual said, “I understand that this is very hard for you,” and I retorted that I honestly did not care if she thought it was hard, I just wanted my supplies and was not going to speak to anyone but her to make sure it arrived on time. Needless to say, that was not my finest moment, but I had reached my breaking point, and she resolved the issue.

Going forward, I am going to stay with Dexcom because I care more about the product than the grievances associated with obtaining the supplies. However, I hope Dexcom looks at its internal processes periodically and updates how they ship their supplies. Diabetes is enough of a challenge in itself; getting the necessary supplies shouldn’t have to be.