Yvonne is going to be writing about how people with diabetes can achieve a healthier lifestyle through better eating patterns and meal planning. Read My Bio

Yvonne D. Greer, MPH, RD, CD, is owner of Y-EAT Right…Nutritional Consultant for Healthy Living, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yvonne conducts special workshops to promote healthy nutritional and active living behaviors. She has been featured on talk radio, TV and print media and has presented poster sessions and lectures on numerous occasions locally, nationally and internationally. Yvonne has been active in promoting diabetes awareness, prevention, and treatment through on-going involvement in the Wisconsin Diabetes Advisory Group of the Wisconsin Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Program. She has partnered on several grant initiatives aimed at increasing healthy eating and physical activity practices for the prevention of childhood and adult obesity and chronic diseases. Yvonne recently launched her medical nutrition therapy (MNT) private practice, as an approved Medicare non-physician provider for diabetes and kidney disease which includes individual and group home counseling.

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