Diabetes Recipes

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Fresh Salsa with Corn, Black Beans and Chips
Low Carb

40 cal8g carbs0g fat10mg sodium

Chickpea Parmesan Spread
Low Carb

92 cal10g carbs3.9g fat150mg sodium

This spread can be served hot or cold. Omit the hot sauce altogether if you have mild taste buds.

Smoked Turkey And Cheddar Spread
Very Low Carb

217 cal2g carbs17g fat150mg sodium

Italian parsley with smoked turkey breast, sharp cheddar cheese, pecan halves, sour cream and Dijon mustard.

Olive Oil-Butter Spread
Very Low Carb

107.7 cal0g carbs12.2g fat60mg sodium

Use it as a spread instead of plain organic butter or in cooking in place of plain organic olive oil.

Low Carb

145 cal8.2g carbs13.1g fat60mg sodium

Mango Salsa
Low Fat

79.1 cal20.5g carbs0.3g fat0mg sodium

You can use this version to replace salsa in any dish and to add a whole new dimension of flavor. It's perfect over a mildly seasoned white fish such as halibut. It also can complement guacamole or any Mexican dish.

"Peanut" Sauce
Low Carb

156.8 cal5.1g carbs15.2g fat90mg sodium

Peanut sauce is a favorite accompaniment with Thai dishes such as salad rolls and sate skewers. Using almonds instead of peanuts loses none of the savory goodness. Red curry past and fish sauce are available in Asian groceries or in the Asian aisle of most supermarkets.

Basil Pesto
Very Low Carb

330.6 cal4.1g carbs35.1g fat147mg sodium

This versatile pesto can be used on rice crackers, on non wheat pasta, in egg dishes, in salads, or with anything else your taste buds can dream up. Spread it on a spelt pizza crust, or substitute it in any dish that calls for a tomato-based marinara sauce. You can double or triple the recipe and freeze the pesto in jars for future use.

Cucumber Yogurt (Raita)
Very Low Carb

20 cal3g carbs0g fat100mg sodium

Broccoli and Bean Dip
Low Carb

56 cal7g carbs2g fat100mg sodium

A delicious dip for vegetables, packed with garlic flavor, broccoli florets, cannellini beans and flavored with lemon, green onion, red pepper flakes, salt and black pepper.

Creamy Garlic Dressing
Very Low Carb

11 cal2g carbs50mg sodium

A very creamy, garlic dressing made with evaporated skim milk, lemon juice, dill, apple juice, paprika, white pepper, sesame oil and a dash of red cayenne pepper.

Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce
Very Low Carb

45 cal5g carbs3g fat

Skim milk keeps the fat out of this sauce while Dutch process or unsweetened cocoa gives a rich, bittersweet chocolate flavor.

Herb and Mustard Dressing
Very Low Carb

45 cal4g carbs3g fat30mg sodium

Use balsamic or cider vinegar and mix with Dijon mustard, olive oil, basil, thyme, rosemary and one small clove garlic to create this delicious dressing.

Mustard Mushroom Vinaigrette
Very Low Carb

47 cal1g carbs5g fat60mg sodium

Extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar with white mushrooms, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt and pepper.

Peach Sauce
Low Carb

50 cal13g carbs0g fat0mg sodium

This sauce provides a healthier and tastier alternative to pancake syrup. It's also wonderful using blueberries! (NOTE: used fresh peaches in the analysis)

Fresh Tomato Ketchup
Low Carb

49 cal11g carbs1g fat20mg sodium

Blueberry Syrup
Very Low Carb

16 cal3g carbs1g fat

Instead of cooking the blueberries first, you puree them in a food processor with apple juice. Then you begin the cooking process. This gives you fresh syrup in a flash.

Maple Flavored Syrup
Very Low Carb

18 cal3g carbs1g fat

A unique maple syrup but very good on pancakes and waffles! Made with apple juice, cornstarch, butter, sweetener, maple flavoring and vanilla.

Chocolate Sauce
Very Low Carb

18 cal3.1g carbs0.1g fat

Unsweetened cocoa powder mixed with cornstarch, nonfat milk, vanilla, maple flavored extract and sugar substitute makes a healthy and tasty chocolate sauce.