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"Wake up your love" Coffee
Very Low Carb

4g carbs

Sure candy and flowers are great, but sometimes it's the “little” things that show how much you care for another person. This is one of those recipes that's so easy that I feel guilty even calling it a recipe. The result is pure decadence. …and love!

Diabetic Man's Crustless Quiche
Low Carb

6g carbs

They say that real men don’t eat quiche. I say real Diabetics should eat crustless Quiche. Made a day ahead and even frozen, this is a great easy dinner, fast lunch and super weekend breakfast.

Blueberry Breakfast Salad

340 cal49g carbs16g fat320mg sodium

Fishing Lodge Breakfast Trout
Low Carb

330 cal10g carbs14g fat720mg sodium

A mixture of brown sugar and salt is brought to near-burn stage. Then a little butter is added with the trout. The trout should cooking in 5 to 10 minutes. (NOTE: 4 (8oz) servings are used in the analysis.)

Herbed Eggs
Very Low Carb

60 cal3g carbs0g fat190mg sodium

Herb seasoning adds a nice taste flair to a common staple in the low carbohydate diet!

Apple-Potato Pancakes
Low Sodium

210 cal29g carbs7g fat110mg sodium

If you can't find pecans, substitute any of your favorite nuts! (NOTE: did not include plain non-fat yogurt, sour cream or applesauce)

Quinoa Berry Breakfast
Low Sodium

240 cal36g carbs8g fat5mg sodium

Try other berries, nuts, or spices such as ginger or nutmeg to vary this nutritious breakfast cereal.

Breakfast Eggnog

300 cal29g carbs10g fat210mg sodium

This is a very easy breakfast to whip together for yourself or your children and offers a good source of complete protein in the morning. (NOTE: Use pasteurized eggs for safety)

Tofu Scramble
Low Carb

170 cal12g carbs9g fat230mg sodium

Tofu is a good alternative to eggs for breakfast.

Broccoli and Olive Frittata

250 cal20g carbs13g fat360mg sodium

This is a great-tasting, crustless alternative to quiche.

Easy Pancakes
Low Sodium

360 cal25g carbs22g fat110mg sodium

These pancakes, which have a delicious nutty flavor, offer a high amount of fiber and can be made with virtually no flour.(NOTE: blueberries are included in the analysis)

Low Sodium

400 cal40g carbs25g fat10mg sodium

This simple-to-make version of an old favorite allows you to avoid the additives and hydrogenated oils that are found in most commercially processed granola.

Whole Wheat and Gram Flour Flat Bread (Besan Roti)

130 cal21g carbs4g fat210mg sodium

(NOTE: used low sodium baking powder)

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

200 cal30g carbs7g fat230mg sodium

A favorite flavor combination in a diabetic friendly muffin with healthful oatmeal, cinnamon spice and a touch of molasses. Delicious start to any day. And remember, cinnamon is thought to help insulin! (NOTE: used all purpose flour, sugar used for granulated sweetener, low sodium baking powder)

Cran-Orange Oat Muffins
Low Sodium

200 cal39g carbs4g fat110mg sodium

Dried ground orange rind with whole cranberry sauce, orange or tangerine juice, apple juice, all fruit marmalade and thin rolled oats make up these tasty oat muffins packed with nutrients. (NOTE: used low sodium baking powder, lite salt and orange juice concentrate)

Low Carb

60 cal7g carbs2.5g fat30mg sodium

A very simple and basic crepe recipe. Whip these up and fill with your favorite fruit filling. (NOTE: used 1% milk)

Peach Sauce
Low Carb

50 cal13g carbs0g fat0mg sodium

This sauce provides a healthier and tastier alternative to pancake syrup. It's also wonderful using blueberries! (NOTE: used fresh peaches in the analysis)

Kaese Blintzes (Rolled Cheese Pancakes)

500 cal48g carbs17g fat250mg sodium

(NOTE: pot cheese, all purpose flour, 1% milk, tub margarine, 8 oz container of plain low-fat yogurt and 1 tsp canola oil used)

Oatmeal-Banana Muffins
Low Sodium

190 cal31g carbs5g fat20mg sodium

Made with whole wheat flour, these banana muffins are packed with nutrients along with their delicious flavor. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. (NOTE: used low sodium baking powder, 1% milk, sunflower seeds without salt)

Marvelous Bran Muffins
Low Sodium

140 cal24g carbs4g fat110mg sodium

(NOTE: used canola oil for vegetable oil, packed brown sugar and low sodium baking powder)

Applesauce Cinnamon Muffins

200 cal30g carbs7g fat230mg sodium

(NOTE: low sodium baking powder, canola oil and chopped walnuts used in the analysis)

Up-and-Down Biscuits
Low Sodium

120 cal18g carbs4.5g fat60mg sodium

(NOTE: enriched all purpose flour, low sodium baking powder, vegetable shortening used in analysis, sugar, and cinnamon not included)

Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins
Low Fat

180 cal40g carbs1.5g fat190mg sodium

(NOTE: used reduced fat buttermilk and unsweetened frozen blueberries)

Iced Orange Cappuccino
Low Carb

100 cal15g carbs4g fat70mg sodium

A coffee classic gets the cool treatment with the taste of fresh orange and a light whipped cream topping. (NOTE: Stevia used as sweetener, low-fat non diary light whipped topping and ground nutmeg used in analysis)

Yummy Apple Biscuits

160 cal21g carbs9g fat200mg sodium

(NOTE: unsalted tub margarine, 30 packets sucralose, and unsweetened apple juice concentrate used in the analysis)

Easy Sticky Buns
Low Carb

100 cal15g carbs3.5g fat230mg sodium

(NOTE: in analysis, used 1/2 oz packet of butter buds mix)

Orange Juice Muffins
Low Sodium

180 cal27g carbs6g fat50mg sodium

This is a simple, basic muffin recipe that creates muffins brimming with tangy orange flavor without being packed with unhealthy sugar. (NOTE: in analysis used 24 packets sucralose, low sodium baking powder, unsalted margarine, and egg substitute equal to 1 egg.)

Coffee Latte
Very Low Carb

35 cal5g carbs0g fat55mg sodium

Breakfast Tortilla Wrap

210 cal32g carbs3.5g fat570mg sodium

This zingy bacon and egg burrito is ready to "wrap" in about ten minutes. (NOTE: used thin sliced turkey bacon (salt, red pepper, and hot pepper sauce not in analysis))

Blueberry Syrup
Very Low Carb

16 cal3g carbs1g fat

Instead of cooking the blueberries first, you puree them in a food processor with apple juice. Then you begin the cooking process. This gives you fresh syrup in a flash.

Maple Flavored Syrup
Very Low Carb

18 cal3g carbs1g fat

A unique maple syrup but very good on pancakes and waffles! Made with apple juice, cornstarch, butter, sweetener, maple flavoring and vanilla.

White Chocolate and Pecan Mini-Muffins
Low Carb

90 cal9g carbs5g fat30mg sodium

These mini-muffins are extra sweet with white chocolate and pecans. For a change of flavor, use plain chocolate or replace the pecans with your favorite nut. (NOTE: low sodium baking powder, low-fat buttermilk and unpacked light brown sugar used in analysis)

Mini Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce
Low Fat

150 cal30g carbs1.5g fat70mg sodium

Cinnamon mini pancakes with a delicious strawberry sauce that comes together in a snap. (NOTE: low sodium baking powder used, plain low-fat yogurt used)

Oat Bran Pancakes
Low Fat

150 cal22g carbs3g fat260mg sodium

Oat Bran Cereal makes these healthful Diabetic Oat Bran Pancakes a breeze to whip up any morning of the week. (NOTE: used low sodium baking powder, used reduced fat buttermilk)

Italian Baked Eggs
Low Carb

120 cal8g carbs5g fat120mg sodium

The eggs in this recipe are just the egg whites baked with zucchini, onion, sweet pepper and mozzarella seasoned with fresh basil. Chopped tomato optional. (NOTE: tomatoes not in analysis)

Blueberry Sour Cream Corn Muffins

140 cal23g carbs4.5g fat150mg sodium

Instead of blueberries, you use no sugar added blueberry fruit spread. Sour cream and whipped cream cheese give these both texture and flavor and corn meal is used for part of the flour. (NOTE: used low sodium baking powder, reduced fat sour cream and fresh blueberries)