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Monitoring your Glucose

Saturday, April 18, 2015

How often do you check your blood glucose? If you’re frustrated by constantly sticking yourself only to see elevated readings no matter what you do, then read this.


FDA Standards 2014

Meter results are not 100% accurate. The FDA requires that results over 75mg/dl, 95% of meters must be plus or minus 20% of actual reading. For results less than 75mg/dl, 95% of meters must be within plus or minus 15 points of actual glucose level (1). These may seem like drastic differences; however, the numbers will still help you problem solve. Do not drive yourself crazy by sticking yourself multiple times because each time can be different. Re-check if you feel low and the meter does not agree, or recheck if you get a very unusual reading such as an elevated number if this is abnormal for you.

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